Essays on Marketing Situation and Launch of New Products in the Australian Digital and Streaming Industry Case Study

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The paper “ Marketing Situation and Launch of New Products in the Australian Digital and Streaming Industry” is an engrossing example of a case study on marketing. The Australian online streaming industry is under exponential growth. There have emerged new entertainment companies in the wake of the year 2015. These companies are Presto, Stan, and Netflix. Their arrival has introduced stiff competition within the industry. This has come along with numerous benefits to consumers. Stan, which is also a new arrival in this industry, is planning to launch a new product line.

Known as Sportif, the new product is a package of 12 channels dedicated to sports. The new product is aimed at providing entertainment to sports enthusiasts in Australia. Stan will face stiff competition from Flex, which is the dominant entity in the delivery of sports. Stan has various opportunities that it will use to its advantage. With an appropriate set of goals and objectives, Stan will implement effective marketing strategies including the use of the marketing mix to ensure the success of this new product. However, it is expected that Fotlex will respond to this competition by re-structuring its marketing strategies. The Australian digital and streaming industry until recently was largely dominated by various companies like the internet protocol television (IPTV), EzyFlix, pay-TV, and several free to air platforms of content playback like the ABC (Elbourne, 2013).

Foxtel was the only company with streamable content and a library of channels. However, the wake of 2015 has seen the emergence of three major players, Netflix, Presto, and Stan. The emergence of these services will lead to high competitiveness in the Australian streaming industry.

This will be able to meet the increasing demand for subscription video-on-demand services (SVOD). Currently, there are 1.5 million households in the country who are subscribed to streaming services referred to as pent-up demand (Communication and Media Authority, 2012). Despite the recent launch of Netflix in Australia, there were already 200,000 people accessing streaming services from Netflix based in the US. Due to the stiff competition arising from the emergence of these streaming companies, the companies are implementing different strategies to acquire the largest market share, including offering a variety of products/services to consumers.

Stan, which is a recently launched company, aims to introduce a new product to attract more clients and to attain a competitive advantage in the market. With regard to this, this paper is going to provide a report on the various aspects related to the launching activity of this new product by Stan, with regards to Fotlex, which is its major competitor. The new productSince its launch, Stan has been offering various services to its consumers. These services include exclusive programs (like Mozart in the Jungle and Better Call Saul) and library deals for television programs and films from CBS, ABC, MGM, and BBC (Kidman, 2015).

In order to remain competitive in the market, this company is planning to launch a new product to its subscribers. Stan is going to introduce a new line of service with 12 sports channels, referred to as Sportif. With regard to this new product, Fotlex is considered the most-fierce competitor because it already provides the service with 9 sports channels.


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