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Essays on ShoeAholic - a Company Providing Women with Quality Shoes and Jewelry and Entering a New Market in the Middle East and Africa Case Study

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The paper “ ShoeAholic - a Company Providing Women with Quality Shoes and Jewelry and Entering a New Market in the Middle East and Africa" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. ShoeAholic is an international firm that is focused on providing women with quality shoes and jewelry. The increased demand for women to wear is the driving force that made the company enter the new market including the Middle East and Africa. Based on the personalized marketing of its products the company's objective is to increase its sales by more than 25% in the next 10 years.

Other objectives outlined by this marketing plan include increasing the number of retail shops and increasing the employee’ s wages as well as the expansion of the customer base. The major competitors of ShoeAholic are also covered in the marketing plan. They include Amazon and Zippo Companies. Even though they are experienced, ShoeAholic aims at providing quality products that will make it a market leader in the industry. This marketing plan depicts geographical, behavioral and demographic as their major aspects of market segmentation that will be adopted by ShoeAholic Company.

In order to effectively position itself in the market, the company has undertaken a SWOT analysis. In addition, the aspects of the marketing mix that involve the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, and promotion) are also covered by the paper. Similarly, the forecasted sales and expenses for the first five years are also essential for the ShoeAholic marketing plan. The company aims at raising its sales to $520,000 in the 5th year from $ 165,000 in its 4th year of operation this depicts a 215% increase in sales.

Within the five years of operation, ShoeAholic expects to make a gross margin of 3.81%. ShoeAholic marketing department will consist of head office marketing manager, regional marketing managers, and sales executive. This paper also covers the strategies to undertake in case of contingencies during the operations of the ShoeAholic. These include effective packaging of company products for easier identification and regular auditing of the company’ s financial statements to detect financial frauds. In recent years the market for women wears has drastically expanded. This is due to the increase in population levels, reduced trading barriers among nations and improved technological know-how.

In addition, the changes in design improvement contribute at least 60% of all sales of cloths world wide. It is evident that most companies have gone global by embracing online selling techniques. This is due to the fact that this method is cheaper and increases the customer base in most companies. With this in mind, we have opened a premier online women shoe company by the name ShoesAholic. ShoesAholic enables ladies to shop for high-quality online shoes, jewelry, handbags right from our showrooms.

It is worth noting that selling the perfect outfit which makes a woman feel special is our driving force which will ensure our company attains a competitive edge. ShoesAholic intends to make every woman, not just celebrities, to feel as proud and to feel as if they are getting red carpet treatment. This will be enhanced by the fact that all our wide range of products comes with a personal stylist experience which is only offered to celebrities. We are cognizant that women can shop for shoes anywhere but unless you walk to a high priced boutique on Rodeo Drive you cannot get any personalized attention during shopping.

This will be a thing of the past as our online internet offers personalized attention to all shoppers across the world. This paper clearly discuses the major initiatives which ShoesAholic will undertake in ensuring that we give our customers quality products that meet their needs. In addition, the marketing plan will indicate the various promotional strategies and the action plan which the company will emulate.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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