Essays on New Product Marketing Plan: Case of Nutribbles Case Study

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The paper "New Product Marketing Plan: Case of Nutribbles" is a worthy example of a case study on marketing.   Nutribbles is a food product that is basically designed as a supplement for food packed in a lunchbox. With increasing nutritional education, parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the kind of food their children consume while away from home. It is evident that in many parts of America, preschools and other education centers do not serve lunch and the few that do so charge a lot of money. Some parents have opted to pack food for their children in lunch boxes while some give them money to buy snacks in the school canteens.

Nevertheless, research has indicated that due to the unattractive nature of lunch boxes, most children fail to eat the food packed in lunchboxes. On the other hand, junk foods are quite threatening to the health of children and adults as well and are highly discouraged by nutritionists and health experts. Additionally, the world has become fast-paced and the result is that people barely have time to prepare food let alone pack in boxes.

As such, Nutritabbles has seen the ultimate solution to the stipulated problems that are currently being viewed as a great hurdle by many American parents. Nutritabbles are basically prepacked foods that contain a complete diet including a protein, vitamin, and starch. The packs will come in different attractive packs that will make the child anticipate for lunch hour. Besides that, Nutritabbles will come in a variety of flavors including spring water, cheddar sub with applesauce and even turkey. With the current notion that pre-packed foods are unhealthy, Nutritabbles will provide a healthier substitute.

Through a team of nutritional experts, Nutritabbles will contain foods with minimal caloric content. The target audience or consumers of Nutritabbles are pre-school and elementary school children. Even so, the product is expected to expand to adult lunch packs that will be more elaborate than the children Nutritabbles. Researches on several children's foods indicate that children have significant influence over parents purchasing decisions. According to research conducted by market research packaged facts, kids between the age of 3 and 11 years can attract a profit of more than $18 billion. 2.0 The Product (Good or Service) or Business Idea 2.1 Mission statement The mission of Nutritabbles is to be our customer’ s favorite way to eat.

We strive to produce superior products that will satisfy all the needs of our large clientele ranging from households to wholesalers. We endeavor to take advantage of new food technology, new products, and innovations so as to deliver healthier and better products. The product will make a debut and stance as the largest children food supplier in North America as it continues to make expansion into new global markets.

The success of our worldwide operations is centered on the five basics of customer experience- Price, Place, Product, People, and Promotion.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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