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The paper 'A New Concept of Personal Development and Planning' is a perfect example of a human resources business plan. This module has been designed to recognize a high level of commitment that learners put into their curricula at GSM London as well as the personal development that can be achieved in this module. The teaching module session will include class activities, lectures, class discussions, individual assessment, and presentation work. Within the classroom environment (Burns and Sinfield, 2008), Personal Development and Planning is the most effective and adaptive module that enables students’ to think forward on the skills and competencies that are required in the professional world (LSM Learning Media, 2007). Adjust to Campus Life- Some students will find it difficult to get used to a new way of learning and teaching expected by the university (Cottrell, 2009).

Students may be frightened by many module choices that are available at the institution or they may be unsure of how to manage their time learning and studying while at the university or they may be confused about how they can improve their work at the university from a 2:2 to a 2:1 standard. PDP has helped students make a smooth transition to university life by prompting the students to think on how to learn, PDP has also helped students to reflect on their achievements and also helped students to plan on their future personal ad future academic development. Gain more than just a degree- Nowadays many organizations are not after the academic subjects that a potential candidate they want to employ has study while at the university.

But most organizations in the country are looking for evidence of the student development that involved a wide variety of transferable competencies and skills (Burns and Sinfield, 2008).

Many of the competencies and skills that various organizations in the country are looking for can be developed through the PDP course that a student has undertaken while at the university but also other opportunities that will allow a student while at the university to develop transferable competencies and skills through participation in various activities such as voluntary work, part-time employment, membership of societies and clubs (Cotrell, 2010).

It is important for students while at the university to use their time to develop their experiences and skills that are required in an increasingly competitive job market. Students undertaking the PDP module will be instilled with the importance of taking their time to develop a range of skills and competences that are available for student’ s skills development. Marketing students in an effective way- Nowadays many students are joining various institutions of higher learning. Nowadays a university degree or college diploma is no longer a guarantee of securing employment. Whilst a degree from GSM will impress future employers, but employers nowadays are increasingly looking for individuals who are all rounded, and this translates as the ability of a person to demonstrate and articulate the competence and skills they have acquired (Cottrell, 2009).  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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