Essays on To What Extent Does Human Resource Technology Add to an Organizations Competitive Advantage Coursework

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The paper “ To What Extent Does Human Resource Technology Add to an Organization’ s Competitive Advantage? ”   is a worthy example of coursework on human resources. Human resource technology has changed the manner in which operations are accomplished within the human resource department in any organization. Both quality delivery of goods and services has led to the development of competitive advantage of many companies. Technology becomes a very important weapon to be used in human resource management for the attainment of efficiency, objectivity, and effectiveness. The achievement of organizational objectives is enhanced if the technology is instituted effectively within the organization.

Challenges of human resource technology involve dealing with the change that comes with it and ensuring employee commitment and morale is maintained (Waddill & Marquardt, 2011). The use of technology cannot be done in exclusivity; there should adequate consultation that involves all members of the organization in order to minimize conflicts and resistance to change. This executive brief examines the importance of HR technology to an organization with regard to enhancing its competitive advantage. Background: The application of technology within human resource management has increased tremendously over the years.

The use of human resource information systems has extended from merely being used generally for administrative purposes to be used in areas such as selection, training, recruitment, and e-learning (Jamrog & Overholt, 2004). Currently technology is being applied in support of integrated call centers self-service and shared services environments. As technology continues to advance companies can use information systems in several human resources processes in an apt way for generation of information and knowledge. Such a move will lead to increased competitive advantage.

In today’ s competitive world, there is a need for the application of technology in human resource management to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Newmarket scanning and research can be done at a lesser cost when technology is applied well in an organization. Many organizations introduce technology in human resource functions without considering the impact it will have on employee commitment and morale. Technology cannot completely replace the place of employees in an organization and their concerns and worries have to be addressed prior to the adoption of technology. The planning and procuring process has to be done in consultation with many members of the organization as possible. Discussion and AnalysisCompetition has become an ever-increasing challenge for organizations regardless of the industry of operation.

This calls for the need for firms to develop competitive advantages in order to keep up with the competition in the market. The use of suitable information technology can be applied in human resource management to create competitive advantages. Data storage alone is not enough without the utilization of information systems that enhance the various functions of the organization.

Human resource technology enhances the integration and sharing of information among different departments of the organization (Baxter & Sommerville, 2011). As a result, problems and challenges can be detected at an early stage and dealt with. Human resource technology can vary from simple spreadsheets using in calculating simple sums to sophisticated human resource information system solutions. Technology has transformed the manner in which human resource functions are performed injected urgency and efficiency.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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