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The paper "Ngai Tahu Holdings Company Limited Analysis" is an outstanding example of a business cases study. Ngai Tahu Holdings Company limited is a New Zealand company that was incorporated on December 10th 1992. The corporation engages in the investment, development and the management of real estate property and other investment ventures. Ngai Tahu Holdings Company limited also deals with tourism ventures as well as the agricultural sector. The company is an investment company of Ngai Tahu Trust with Te Runanga Tahu as the sole trustee. The corporation additionally adheres to a hugely developed investment plan that acts as a framework for the delivery of a long term and sustainable investment returns to the holdings (“ Ngāi Tahu holdings corporation Ltd, ” n.d. ).

The roadmap provides for a strong methodology meant to make it possible to determine a sustainable distribution. The policy framework developed by the company guides the investment policy of the company by setting the minimum returns on investment that is required in order to maintain the value of investment base and to pay back the appropriate distribution of returns to Te Runanga (Limited, 2014).

The policy of the company also sets the rules on the optimal allocation of the strategic assets, distribution and a benchmarking to give a consistent distribution framework for a long time to come. Ngai Tahu Holdings Corporation’ s mission is to become an outstanding investment corporation creating wealth for its capital contributors. The company has investment interests in five subsidiaries spanning across different sectors (“ Ngāi Tahu holdings - Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, ” 1996). The company has an immense opportunity to expand its investment portfolios due to their strength which is the capital base.

Most companies fail to diversify neither do they expand due to their inability to have a capital structure that is affordable and can be obtained in a short period of time. for a company with an ownership structure like that of Ngai Tahu holdings corporation should seize the opportunity to invest more and guarantee Te Runanga better returns for their investments (Wanhalla, 2007). Based on its weaknesses especially on its failure to actively participate in the corporate social responsibility in the society, the company will need to have in place a plan to give back to the society for giving it an ample environment to do business.

This is in recognition of the fact that corporate social responsibility boosts an organization’ s image. A good image boosts the organization's goodwill amongst the members of the public and as a marketing strategy will boost sales and the revenues (Wanhalla, 2007)). This paper seeks to identify five strategies that can be used by the company in order to improve its organizational performance. The paper will justify the recommendation by comparing them to the knowledge of theories and models that support the recommendations.

The paper will later give a conclusion based on the paper. Part 1 - Company Analysis Strengths - in relation to company structure and strategy Ngai Tahu current Capital investments include direct investments ventures along with fixed interest and stock portfolios spanning across a number of industries. The corporation’ s direct investments include Ryman Healthcare, 43 percent stake in Whale Watch Kaikōura, a 33% shareholding in Waikato Milking Systems including venture capital. In 2014 the company acquired Go Bus in partnership with Tainui Holdings and currently owns 66 percent and Tainui 33 percent.

The above portfolios show that the company has pretty advanced and strong investment plans that have enabled it to make huge profits over time. The corporation’ s stakes in a number of investment ventures show that the company has not invested all its money in a single venture such that in case of a misfortune, the company was going to undergo huge financial losses (Wanhalla, 2007).


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