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The paper "Nike’ s Communication Strategy" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Nike, a US-based Fortune 500 company, is sportswear, types of equipment and accessories manufacturer and is considered as one of the famous brands that are being recognized world-over. The branding of Nike has been done so perfectly that its swoosh is being recognized by people in an instant, without the need to spell the name of the brand. Further, the slogan, ‘ Just do it’ has also become integral to the success of the brand’ s popularity, providing motivation and inspiration to sportspeople as well as the general consumers. The company has an internal public relations/communications function that manages the company’ s image and brand in the market.

The purpose of the public relations function is to help the company deal with the public as well as manage its relationship with the consumers, media and other stakeholders. Public relations manage the image of a company in the minds of the people, especially the target audience. The practice also involves creating a brand value of the company through which the officials of the company could communicate effectively with the consumers and help the consumers identify with the values of the company (Grunig 2000).

Nike uses its public relations function for building rapport with customers, employees, investors and even the general public. The practice requires consultants to critically analyze the present condition of the company in terms of its image and reputation in the market and develop resolutions in case of any issues. Public relations are especially helpful in responding to negative publicity or handling crisis situations and maintaining social order (Edwards 2008). Over the years Nike has faced several issues, especially related to its unethical treatment of workers in its manufacturing units in Asia.

Although, Nike has taken several steps to improve its image among its target audience, the issue is still creating problems for the company and therefore, it is imperative for Nike to manage its reputation in the market and its relationships with its key stakeholders in the next 12 months through proper communication channels and strategic media usage. Issues impacting the organization Nike has been facing negative press due to several issues such as unethical treatment of workers in its factories, using subcontractors without proper credentials, encouraging child labor and sweatshops, controversies related to its advertising campaigns using glamour and sportsperson.

Due to the negative press, the company received regarding the sweatshop's allegations; Nike lost most of its trusted consumers, especially its young university students. Further, its reputation was dented in the market and created a bad image for the company. Media reports also indicate that consumers were not too happy with the excessive use of sportspersons in their advertisements. They felt that the sportspeople were no longer sharing their real experiences, instead, they were paid by Nike to publicize their products.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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