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Ninja Burger: Mission, Corporate Goals, and Business Objectives Capitalizing in the mystic and popularity of ninja, Ninja Burger is established as a parody website “purporting that a sect of noble ninja have taken to secretly delivering fast food meals, anytime, anywhere” (Ninja Burger 1). The website has been met with success due to the warm acceptance of customers. To date, the company has established its own card games and comics patterned from its operation. This paper will look at the company’s mission, corporate goals, and business objectives. In its website, Ninja Burger clearly identifies the company’s mission statement that is, “to defend the downtrodden, fight for the honor of Ninja Burger, and to deliver hot and fresh food to Ninja Burger's customers” (Ninja Burger History 3).

Taking a closer look at this mission statement, we can identify three specific goals that the company pursues (Ninja Burger History 3). The first one is to defend the downtrodden which can be linked to the classic goal of ninjas. Ninjas are typically reputed fight for the oppressed through their acquired skills in combat and martial arts.

Thus, since the company employs ninjas for its operation, it has not failed to recognize the responsibility and ethics associated with being a ninja. Ninja Burger also stresses that if it fails to undertake its mission, employees will commit seppuku or the Japanese ritual of suicide of disembowelment. The second part of the company’s mission is to fight for the honor of Ninja Burger (Ninja Burger History 3). Even though this is not elaborated, it can be deduced that employees will do their best in order to ensure the integrity and credibility of the business organization.

This can be done through the provision of high quality products and extension of excellent customer service. Thus, Ninja Burger lives up to the expectation of customers through aligning its employees with its strategies. The statement of fighting for the honor of the company is exaggerated in the sense that it conveys the strong sense of belongingness of employees to the business organization enabling them to put their lives at risk for the purpose of upholding the honor of Ninja Burger. The last portion of the statement encapsulates the goal of the company in fulfilling the core of its operation that is, to deliver hot and fresh food to the customers of Ninja Burger (Ninja Burger History 3).

The company’s commitment in ensuring the quality of its food s communicated through its stress in the delivery of “hot” and “fresh” food. Noting the operation of the business organization which is solely focused on take away, it strives to maintain food quality through different measures. This might be by using ingredients to prolong the life and ensures the freshness of the food or even through the use of equipment which maintains the hotness of the delivered food.

It should also be noted that the reputed speed and efficiency of ninjas in completing their tasks largely contribute in the fulfillment of its goals. Since the company is involved in the delivery, the employment of ninjas help it in ensuring that the food it delivers to its customers taste as if it come straight from the Ninja Burger’s kitchen. Looking at the discussed mission statement of Ninja Burger, the company has customer satisfaction at the core of its corporate objectives.

Customers are the primary stakeholders and become the focus of its business goals. It is irrefutable that the company has recognized the importance of satisfying its customers in order to maintain its image and integrity. Customer satisfaction is linked with the goal of maximizing stockholder’s equity and maintaining strong financial position. If the customer is satisfied this will inevitably lead to higher revenues generated. Even though implied indirectly and is not stated in the company’s website, it becomes apparent that Ninja Burger strives for this corporate goal in order to maintain its operation.

In terms of business objectives, there are no stated goals except for the quest to ensure customer satisfaction through its products and services. Ninja Burger however, should elaborate on how it wants to measure this performance in attaining its goal. The concept of how hot and fresh food is becomes relative and subjective to customers. Also, the company should be able to set how a standard delivery time which it will adhere to strictly. Works Cited “Ninja Burger. ” Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia.

2008. Retrieved 19 February 2008, from http: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Day_of_the_Ninja#Day_of_the_Ninja “Ninja Burger History. ” Ninja Burger Website. 2008. Retrieved 19 February 2008, from http: //ninjaburger. com/about/

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