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The paper "Nokia Marketing Mix" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. Nokia is rated as being one of the globe's largest manufactures of telecommunication equipment. Its headquarters are located in Espoo in Finland and it is highly recognized because of its wide range of mobile phones, mobile phone infrastructure as well as other telecommunication equipment. This report sets out to critically analyze the marketing mix of Nokia by the use of relevant theory. The report will also identify and discuss two environmental trends that will have an impact on Nokia in the future and how Nokia ought to improve its marketing mix in response to the emerging trends.

The last section will offer a concluding statement for the report. Nokia marketing mix The marketing mix of a company can be best defined by the company’ s price, promotion, distribution and product (Fill 2009). For companies to be successful in the various markets that they are targeting they need to ensure that their products are of good quality, pricing is right and suitable for the customers, products are in the right place and during the right time so as not to cause inconvenience and the customers ought to be made aware of the available products. Product In the past, people usually thought that a good product will sell itself.

However, with the highly competitive markets that exist today, there is usually no room for bad products and customers have been offered laws that enable them to return products if they perceive them as being bad (Armstrong et al. 2012). The product seems to be at the core of the marketing mix while all the other P’ s are solely based on it.

Customers usually purchase an organization's services and goods due to a number of reasons and thus organizations need to be well informed of the needs of the customers when selling the products. Thus organizations are tasked with the duty of creating what the customers want. This may include aspects such as brand, warranty, quality, packaging, appearance and support. Nokia has over time improved its mobile phone segment and increased its consumer offering and this has been through the introduction of new models of phones.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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