Essays on ANAC Colour Stores Operations Case Study

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The paper "ANAC Colour Stores Operations" is a perfect example of a business case study. One of the requirements when starting a new business is the registration process. This has to abide by the requirements of the law in Australia. The first thing is to register the business name. The type of business can either be a sole proprietor, a partnership, a company et cetera. In this case, the Company category is of our interest. The name will give the business the trading powers. The company is then registered with the Australian Securities and investment commission.

An Australian Company Number (ACN) is issued. This is need for transacting business processes. It is unique to every company. The logo or the trademark is then registered that gives the company rights to use or even sell the trademark. A domain name can then be registered to expand ways of advertising business online. This is via the website domain. The company should then be registered for tax purposes (Australian National University, 2003). ORGANISATION STRUCTURE AND STAFFING The organization’ s structure is the sequence in which the task is divided and how they are expected to flow (Paddy, 2010).

It also looks at the coordination of the flow process (Andrew et al, 2011). In ANAC stores, and the overall director is needed to coordinate the activities. An assistant will be placed under him. The human resources director is also required to coordinator junior staff members. The operations manager and the accounts department should also be put in place or shared by one manager. The other employees will oversee customer relations, direct sales personnel, drivers, store controller, cashiers and so forth.

A hierarchical structure is therefore designed for this organization. INSURANCE AND SECURITY ISSUES With the risks of natural calamities on the rise in Australia, ensuring the company is in dire need. The company should also be insured against burglary and fire with the predisposition that the products they deal with could easily be stolen or destroyed by fire. Employees of the company need also be insured for health purposes and work cover policies. An indemnity for its professionals need also be taken.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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