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Running Head: Non employment Conflict Management Worksheet Non employment Conflict Management Worksheet Inserts His/her Introduction There are many non-employment concepts identified in the case of M-Core. The aim is to identify theoretical concepts in the M-Core scenario relating to non-employment concepts. Non employment scenario can be defined as conflict between two people or two parties that are interdependent but the conflict them is not job related. Below different concepts pertinent to non employment concepts with reference to the case and personal experience of the concepts will also be elucidated. Non employment Conflict Management Worksheet Concept Application of Concept in Scenario Citation of Concept in Reading Personal Experience in your Organization Emotion and Conflict There is a strong relationship between conflict and emotion.

When in a conflict everyone experiences emotional arousal. Everyone experiencing a conflict goes through some kind of emotional upheaval. Candace and Tracy Little are the two parties that are emotionally affected in the m-core scenario. Candace is loathing her company’s executive for forcing people out of their home. Her affiliation with Japanese ancestors is making her emotionally aroused about people losing their homes. Tracy Little is a resident who is the sole caregiver for her mother who is in poor health.

She is afraid that her mother won’t survive the move and wants to delay her move. (Hocker & Wilmot, 2007, 222) Emotions make me vulnerable because I am a soft hearted person. I cannot remain rational when emotionally aroused and my ability to think is hampered. Designation of Power Designation of power involves giving power to some other entity or some other group. Power can be designated to a bank’s saving account so that people can draw ‘power’ (money) when they need it.

President of Nature’s Gift Society Byrd wants to represent Burke, Tracy Little, and Stephen in court against m-core. Byrd wants all three of them to designate him power so that he can represent them. He is also willing to spend $100,000 on litigation costs. (Hocker & Wilmot, 2007, 101) I wanted to send money to China to buy an I Phone but I couldn’t do it because I was busy. I told my father to do it on my behalf. My father took my ID and everything and sent money on my behalf.

Avoidance Most people are not belligerent by nature. They try to avoid the conflict by either turning a blind eye to conflict or by denying that a conflict exists. People who want to avoid conflict can do anything to engage the other in the dispute. Maria Kai is the public relation head and she wants to avoid the conflict at all costs because she knows how it can tarnish the reputation of the company. (Hocker & Wilmot, 2007, 215) I always try to avoid a conflict because it is not in the interest of anyone to fight.

Everyone should try to avoid conflict at all costs. There are many occasions on which I could have taken the dispute to the next level but I did not. Like once salesman was gave me a wrong size but I did not complain to the manager because I did not want to start a dispute with the salesman. Power Whenever a relationships deteriorates power plays a role because power can make people work against their will.

When in a power struggle everyone tries to assert his or her power over others. Mark Merchant is using power to enforce his decision by asking people to sell their property and suggesting that he may take it if this is not the case. M-Core is using power tactics to make sure that property owners leave or local government would vacate them anyway. (Hocker & Wilmot, 2007, 98) I use power play at my home when my siblings are not listening to me. I try to remain just when using my power.

It is important to assert power in some situations like when siblings try to leave the house when my mother is not home. Escalation Escalation become destructive when communication patterns disrupt and when parties are communicate their damaging thoughts. Perception becomes negative and this in turn makes the conflict more severe. Petros is being impatient and has no faith in the negotiating process. He is escalating the conflict by pressuring the company to take quick action against the home owners or the company will fall behind.

(Hocker, Wilmot, 2007, 219) Once I was in a group working on assignment and the deadline was near. One group member was escalating the situation by fighting with everyone about how little time we have got.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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