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IntroductionNon governmental organizations refer to legally formed organizations that mainly tackle the social issues and issues of political nature. The non-governmental organizations are formed by a group of persons natural or legal who are not government representatives. NGO’s as they are commonly referred globally are a creation of the United Nations which recognizes the participation of organized groups in ensuring that the right of the public in any particular set up is upheld (Bethany, 2008). It has been the tradition of governments globally to fund some of the activities of the Ngo’s.

However, in any of such circumstances, the government must not have a representative in the organization (Elmo, 2011). There are NGO’s that operate internationally and others that operate in a certain country or region. The geographical area that is covered by the specific NGO is determined by the activity that the group is targeting. For example, Non Governmental organizations like Amnesty International and the Red Cross work in almost every section of the world while Africog works mainly in Africa. The first two are focused on offering humanitarian help to the persons in need especially in times of calamity while Africog is aimed at ensuring that leadership and governance in African states is at par with the international standards.

In this paper, the authorships analyses the way different non governmental organizations deal with the social issues. As noted earlier in this paper, the issues that NGO’s deal with are of social and political nature. The NGO’s that have been analyzed in this paper are those that have their operations in Australia. However, the authorship has been keen in analyzing organizations with an international coverage; such organizations are the best samples in many areas (Bethany, 2008).

From the paper, we shall see that non governmental organizations form a vital part of the society and though at times they have been at loggerheads with the governments their works should not go unrewarded. Social problemFor the purpose of this paper, we look at the measures that are taken by each of the nongovernmental organizations in disaster management. The issue of funding for disaster management is also considered in this paper.

The analysis of cases of disaster management is carried through and later a comparison of these modes of disaster management models is done at the end. The authorships take on these model forms the concluding section of this paper. Amnesty InternationalThe description from the website of the organization which operates globally states that the principles that the organization operates in are based on the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international standards”. Internationally, the assistance of Amnesty International has been evidenced in the fight for the inclusion of women in leadership activities, has called for the recognition of marginalizes groups in international status and also in the national agenda, and has also been vocal in analyzing the rating of specific governments in ensuring that there is inclusiveness in their activities as well as ensuring that the governments uphold the rights of each citizen in its running (Sofia, 2005).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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