Essays on The Need for Noosa Yoghurt Company to Sustain Continuous Growth Speech or Presentation

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The paper "The Need for Noosa Yoghurt Company to Sustain Continuous Growth" is a great example of a speech or presentation on business. This presentation addresses the need for Noosa Yoghurt Company to sustain continuous growth by persuading small retailers to sell its products. Noosa yogurt is increasingly becoming the best choice for customers craving healthy snacks and healthy living. Health experts and nutritionists approve it as an unbelievably satisfying choice. One of the main reasons for qualifying this snack is because of the accompanying heart health benefits (Noosayoghurt. com 2). Noosa yogurt is incomparable to several other snacks containing cholesterol and fat, which increases the likelihood of heart complications.

Ingredients contained in several modern-day snacks bring unhealthy body outcomes (FitDay 1). This is a clear indication that Noosa Yoghurt comes as a relief to several consumers who can eat as many snacks as they crave without exposing their hearts to any complication (Noosa 1).   Other accompanying benefits of this product include ensuring healthy bone development, weight control, and muscle mass.   Targeting a New Market                       The aim of every business is to sustain continuous growth.

One way of guaranteeing this trend is by targeting new market opportunities. This scenario does not change in the Noosa Yoghurt Company. This company has recorded growth by penetrating to the consumers using large-scale retailers such as Target® . However, the company has not been able to capture the small-scale retailers who mainly link with low-income consumers. Thus, by selling the products through the small retailers in the town, Noosa Yoghurt Company will be in a position to conveniently avail the product in several small outlets from where consumers can access them (Seriouseats 2).

Although large outlets such as Target are preferable to several consumers, their location is not convenient for any customers coming-up with an idea of getting a quick packet of yogurt from the nearest supermarket. As a result, the company ends up losing several new potential customers. Why Noosa Company targets small retail outlets                       After reviewing the targeted retail outlets, the Noosa Yoghurt Company will be able to sell to small retailers such as Walnut. We formulated this idea based on the understanding that Noosa Company is increasingly becoming popular and only sells through large supermarkets such as Target® .

Therefore, several customers, including our students, find that the product is already sold out by the time they go to the supermarket. If the company can come up with an alternative outlet, it will be in a position to ensure continuous supply while reducing the scarcity issue. The audience                       The specific business audience is small retailers. In comparison to large-scale retailers, several challenges accompany small-scale traders. These challenges include; limited capital, small customer base, and intense competition. However, one of the main advantages of small-scale outlets is their close connection with the consumer.

Noosa Yoghurt Company targets to exploit this advantage. Since its initiation, this company has only sold its snacks through large-scale outlets in the town (Zach 1). Therefore, using this approach, the company has recorded continuous growth. However, the company has not been able to exploit the market to full capacity. The initial step will involve presenting a proposal to supply the Noosa Yoghurt product using their outlets. The proposal will indicate the benefits of selling our products, as well as the market opportunity available for this product.

In the initial stages, the market arrangement will involve supplying the product to the outlets, and claiming the payments after one week. Increased sales will also attract a discount.                       Therefore, this presentation will be included during a retailers conference held every quarter of the year. During this period, retailers will present their results of selling Noosa Yoghurt. The presentation will also highlight and discuss several strategies required to make progress.                       To conclude, I am glad to present a presentation on the Noosa Yoghurt Company that aims to take us to the next level of success in terms of market share growth and profits.

The previous trend of continuous growth is a clear indication of our potential as a new company. Therefore, implementing this market approach will provide the next growth direction for the Noosa Yoghurt Company. It is time to move this company to another level. Any Questions?

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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