Essays on Recruitment Process in Nordens Confectionaries Case Study

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The paper "Recruitment Process in Nordens Confectionaries" is a great example of a management case study.   Nordens is a company that has made tremendous achievements so far. It employs over 500 people hence improving their livelihood. These people, in turn, promote the business by giving their output. This symbiotic relationship is mutually beneficial to both the firm and the employees. Though the company has a reputation among its workers, there are a few problems hindering it from achieving equity and equality among its members. This is in reference to the number of complaints from the staff about discrimination.

Some of these problems include: Discrimination Discrimination is the act of favoring one party over another using certain criteria. Often, members of minority groups are the ones that fall victim to such prejudice due to their perceived “ little say” in society. Such members include persons with albinism, disabilities and often in some less developed areas, women may fall into this category. Racism is also another form of discrimination where immigrants from a different race are discriminated on the basis of, origin, language and color. Discrimination of any sort usually serves to demoralize the affected parties thus bringing down their output per unit at less than optimum. In the company, gender discrimination is seen to be a major factor.

The women in the organization feel like they are being left out of top management. Whenever a promotion comes, it is their feeling that their male counterparts get undue advantage over them on gender grounds. As much as this may not be the case, this is what the employees feel. Men are given what is described as technical or “ manly” jobs while most women are given the more perceived feminine jobs like production and packaging.

Out of the supervisors in the company, only two are women. This gives them the sense that management favors men over women regardless of individual output, thus, a lady that has ambitions of one day rising up the ranks does not feel sufficiently motivated to work hard at her work. Recruitment Staffing of new employees also poses a significant challenge for most companies. This is because the recruitment manager or HR, depending on who is in charge of the exercise, have the challenge of picking out the best candidates from a very large batch of applicants.

After advertising for a vacant slot, one often has to sift through the resumes of every individual and find the most qualified people to shortlist. These people are then given interviews to see which of them is most suitable to work in line with the cultures and traditions of the company. In doing all these, one has to consider gender balance and diversity. Persons with disabilities should also be given an equal chance to compete with able-bodied men.

Minority groups in the society e. g. the Indian and Pakistan residents should be given equal representation in the company. This serves to give the company an outlook of fairness and diversity-making it a representative of the society as a whole. These individuals have to be assimilated in-house and well trained so that they don’ t leave prematurely.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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