Essays on Norwegian Cruise Line Missions and Management Case Study

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The paper "Norwegian Cruise Line Missions and Management" is a perfect example of a management case study.   The top-level management at NCL precisely comprehends the state of the eternal environment and also the effect on their achievement. This is the reasons why NCL is consistently appreciating as well as rewarded for their services as well as innovation. To curb competition, NCl limited plan on ordering two new ships that may finally be named the breakaway as well as the getaway for a sum of $1.7 billion. The company also discloses plans of putting on hold for two years until the cruise market gets better to go public. MISSION STATEMENT The company is committed to providing services with friendly welcome a well as a smile.

The company anticipates the necessities of its clients as well as making an effort to surpass their client’ s anticipation. The NCL assumes the possession of whichever intricacy that is encountered as well as engaging in conduct that improves the corporate attending as well as workers spirits. The company is dedicated to acting with highest ethical standards as well as respecting the right as well as self-respect for others and also being loyal to Royal Caribbean and also strives for steady enhancement in whichever thing they do. Vision statement The vision for the company is to sanction as well as enable its workers to provide an utmost vacation knowhow to its customers and thus creating best returns to the shareholders as well as improving the living standards of its communities. External Environment (Societal) the social-cultural factors entail the safety with relation to terrorism shooting from 9/11 as well as an anecdote of war. The 2 main factors in these areas are the growing prosperity of Americans as well as the growing involvement of women in the place of work that provide families more income.

Another main trend that will affect the Norwegian cruise industry which makes it more admirable is the old population because of prime-age ranges between 40-60. The main economic trend that is in existence depict a significant effect on the future of the Norwegian cruise line which entail the worldwide economic recession in the last 3 preceding years. The growing rate of unemployment rate as well as the rising cost of fuel might unfavorably affect the Norwegian cruise line.

Nevertheless, there is a chance for Norwegian to leverage this weakness in the economy by subsequently offering the division of the market that depicts no impact from the economy crush. The technological effect on commerce has to lead to growth in effectiveness of cruise travel, booking as well the chance to aid in joint venture activities and enhance the e effortlessness of traveling in relation to the competitors. The political risk in some destination depict threat, nevertheless, this might be managed by a strategic economic coalition with destination state which will provide a chance of exploring destination that depicts no utilization in the past. EFE Matrix The EFE Matrix lists the Opportunities and strength for NLC limited.

We obtain a sum weight score of 2.84. This value implies that the business is performing well by way of preciseness as well as effectiveness in response to external threats as well as opportunities.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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