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@2009IntroductionA strategy is a complex and organized plan of action planned to accomplish a specific goal. When it comes to civil protection, we define a strategy as policy which is adopted to help people to handle natural, industrial and ecological catastrophes. Its overall aim is to minimize the losses associated with such catastrophes, which can be environmental, human, financial or social. On the other hand, civil protection is a tremendous multifaceted organization, in which various stakeholders and professionalism are drawn in through the need to communicate and work together, so that they can come up with competent outcomes.

Therefore, a strategy in civil protection refers to a set of measures undertaken to prevent the occurrence of a disaster or to moderate its impact, to save human life and material goods from harm when disaster hits, to assist those affected to return to normal life in the dawn of a disaster. Disasters can be natural or technological which means they are man-made. Examples of natural disaster may strike include, flood, drought, forest, landslides, earthquakes among others where as examples of technological disasters include, oil spills, industrial fire or forest fire among others. Abu Dhabi frequently experiences major disasters both natural and technological catastrophes such as water stress, terrorist attacks as well as technology catastrophes like industrial fire and chemical spills.

Therefore, it is imperative to come up with an efficient strategy for civil protection to reduce destruction of human life and property in the event of a catastrophe. Such a strategy should contain the elements discussed below for it to be effective in risk prevention and reduction in the event of a natural disaster. A good strategy for civil protection for Abu Dhabi should include the aspect of international cooperation as one way of dealing with a natural catastrophe.

Such a strategy should explain how countries are going to work together as regard civil protection of their citizens, their surroundings, possessions and cultural tradition in the case of a natural disaster happening within the area of concern. It should also visibly explain the international responsibility of countries that are involved in the provision of civil protection. Hence, it should come up with proper communication and management systems with other countries when confronting a catastrophe.

Abu Dhabi may cooperate with other countries as regards issues of mutual assistance, research and development, exchange of information and technology. For example, the water problem in Abu Dhabi can only be solved if it cooperates with other GCC member countries in non-conventional water technology where these countries choose to possess and restrict water desalination and treatment technology in a definite period of time, say 15 years, and apportion substantial funds to realize this objective. Apart from Cooperating with other countries, such a strategy should also work hand in hand with other organizations, whether they are private or public, for them to succeed in protecting their citizens from any harm with can result from the occurrence of natural disasters.

Example of such organizations includes the Red Cross, the police force, the Media, Universities, Civil expert’s organizations and Volunteers among others. In this way, civil protection professionals from different countries can come up with good practices which can advance Abu Dhabi’s general capability for dealing with catastrophes. This will enable civil protection experts in Abu Dhabi to come up with world’s best disaster-response strategy.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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