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The paper “ NRG Potato Chips’ Marketing Analysis” is a  good example of a case study on marketing. NRG Potato Chips are the high-quality food product manufacturer inspired by nature, supplying the customers with sweet tasty energetic Potato Chips. It not only gives you a good time with your coffee but vital nutrition also. NRG Potato Chips – They are fast-growing everywhere and become the favorite food for the youngsters. Here also we can expect a solid market by using key marketing strategies. ProductsEnergy Potato Chips: NRGSNAX. .. Phoenix Fury Potato Chips, 2007, New NRG Overload Energy Chips!

Visited 17/12/2007, http: //www. nrgsnax. com/main. html Aim of the ResearchThis is to prepare Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis for a new product that the 'Weird Products' company may wish to import and launch. To determine the positioning strategy for your new product/service and to prepare a business report to 'Weird Products' detailing the findings and recommendations about the product/service selected. And also the aim of the research is to get beneath the existing Business Process Models adopted by the Company. To analyze whether the Corporate Strategy applied takes into consideration of all the components of BPM involved, so to improve the efficacy of the models. ObjectivesTo evaluate and analyze the current position associated with the marketing of NRG Potato Chips.

The Need for Marketing Planning The strategies are formulated and implemented by firms that want to grow like us. Such firms have to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage by delivering superior value to the customer. Although it is difficult for any firm to be an ideal growth business, it is worth attempting to reach that ideal. ( Tutor2u (2007), Marketing: Product positioning, at, http: //www. tutor2u. net/business/presentations/marketing/productpositioning/default. html (Accessed: May 11, 2008) SWOT ANALYSISIn NRG Potato Chips, we have seen, and as we would like to see it in its operations more conspicuously over time.

It seems to have achieved a great deal. Starting with an excellent strategy, its turnover is a performance tool par excellence. However, it appears that much more can be achieved with the kind of resources which NRG Potato Chips have. Based on personal interviews with the partners, my own SWOPT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Problems, and Threats) analysis and as my comments are as under: StrengthsAn excellent team of professionals, A manufacturing base in terms of office space, equipment and machinery, Good contacts of partners with the business world.

Self-generated export business and hence first-hand knowledge of the foreign buyers and the markets. A very close and harmonious social relationship among partners is seen. It is indicative of a similar social status of all the partners. Each partner is capable of managing the business of its own and each one of them very strong in some specific areas of operation. Thus a positive synergistic effect is possible for the entire group of members. The presence of both domestic and export markets in the NRG Potato Chips market mix enables knowledge of both the market.

The availability of a pool of experience and information through its association is a plus.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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