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The paper "Introductory Program for Nundies" is a good example of a marketing case study. The company did research and found out many women hated panty lines. They, therefore, came up with the idea of “ Nundies” which are disposable panties. A flexible, ultra-thin, tulip-shaped lycra and nylon liner was formed by the Advanced Materials Inc. It also had a medical-grade adhesive tape to prevent skin rashes and allergic reactions (Boswell, A., 2012, 45). The research was done on the market and found out that a lot of money was spent on underwear in the United States.

It was also done to find out the target customers and suitable packaging for the product. A well-known agency based in Dallas was used to market Nundies. It was introduced in speciality shops, women’ s boutiques and in fashion and retail magazines. The market for the product was seen as 36.7 million women between 15 and 60 years. Overall market structure The overall market structure for Nundies is a monopolistic competition (Krugman, P., Obstfeld, M., & Melitz, M., 2011, 106). This is because there are many sellers selling products that are almost similar to the Nundies.

This is because there are many sellers of panty liners and panties which can be substituted for the product. Nundies is sold in women’ s speciality shops and boutiques and in 10 Neiman Marcus department stores in 40- states in the United States. Overview of unit profitability, revenue and expense The price of selling Nundies was 15 dollars for a five-count package. The price of a single liner was 0.60 while the price of packaging was 0.45 per unit. Hence, the cost of production in total was 3.45 for a package that was later sold at 15 dollars.

The unit profitability for the product is therefore 11.55. Problem and its causes One problem in Nundies sales strategy is limited media advertising in Nundies launch. This was a problem as the advertising did not target consumers hence many women did not get to know about the product. Another problem is managers and sales associates do not seem to be sure about how to market the product after it got to the stores. The cause of these problems is the lack of good advertising (Kerin, R., & Peterson R., 2012, 453).

This made consumers and even sales associates did not know much about the product. Introductory program for Nundies Market Target The target market is women between the ages of 15 and 60 years. The target market is women who hate panty lines but want a degree of protection. It is suitable for people who wear shorts, pants, maternity clothes and workout clothes. Value Proposition The product is suitable for women of different ages who do not want the problem of panty lines when wearing their outfit.

It is a comfortable solution as Nundies are disposable and give a feeling of freedom to users as compared to other substitutes like thongs which are uncomfortable. They are also easy to peel, place on in seams and toss once done. The product also comes in a variety of colours so that women can choose according to their colour preference.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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