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Nursing Professional Portfolio Nursing Professional Portfolio Knowledge in genetics is important to a nurse since genetics throughits central role in revealing the basics of health and illnesses, risks of each disease, as well as how the body responds to treatment. Putting this into consideration, therefore, one would note that genetics and nursing share a common objective of health promotion and disease intervention (Lewis, 2012). Knowledge in genetics is equally important when in diagnosis through analysis of patients’ family histories. Using this knowledge, nurses are able to identify patients from families with high risk of developing genetically influenced conditions.

Knowledge in genomics is also important to a nurse as it provides background information on the possible causes of the most complex human disorders. Genomics as an emerging field in genetics provides critical knowledge to nurses on the developments in this field and on effects of the developments on health services administered to patients. It could for example inform decision on prevention and management of genetic disorders. Knowledge in genethics is equally important to a nurse considering that genetics remains a sensitive field with several ethical issues.

To a nurse, knowledge in genethics helps in making decisions on paternalism and distributive justice (Lewis, 2012). Since not all patients agree with some genetic practices, it is important that a nurse gets equipped with knowledge on how to manage ethical issues arising from genetics. Conclusively, one would note that unlike in the past, there is a growing need for nurses to gain knowledge in genetics, genomics, and genethics due to the changing roles of nurses. ReferencesLewis, R. (2012). Human genetics: concepts and applications. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Co.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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