Essays on Motivation, Teamwork, and Organization Structure of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Case Study

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The paper 'Motivation, Teamwork, and Organization Structure of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company" is a good example of a management case study. The production rate of any organization depends on the level of motivation of its workers especially the team players in the direct production departments. Motivation is a source of happiness for most employees, therefore, acts as a foundation to an indicator of satisfaction in their performance. Such satisfaction sums up the overall improved performance of such organisations. In cases of operations, whereby the workers receive limited, or no appreciation, they usually target to complete their working hours without considering the level of output.

Moreover, such employees tend to remain silent over issues that are likely to affect the operations of the company leading to short term and long-term risks, which are likely to lower or rather, hinder the operations of the company contributing to heavy losses (Bé nabou and Tirole,   2002). Various companies have adopted different mechanisms of showing appreciation to their employees, which are acts of motivation in the end. Most companies reward great performances through bonuses and other financial incentives awarded to the employees in addition to their minimum income.

Such bonuses tend to boost the morale of the workers developing their urge to raise the performance for increased benefits. In other companies, organized perks such as casual days, half days, social events outside the workplace and office parties are other modes of motivating the employees. Such people would always want to remain within the organisation for long hours just to enjoy the company of other employees. According to Bé nabou and Tirole (2002), education together with positive recognition forms a greater effect on the behavior of the employees.

For instance, companies that offer incentives for further education stands a better chance of building their loyalty with the employees than that, which limits its operations to production alone. In order to achieve maximum production, the company must carter for continuous training of its members to achieve the set of standard skills required. Likewise, public recognition of an employee who does a commendable job tends to build one’ s self-esteem providing positive reinforcement.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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