Essays on Comprehensive Analysis of Dutiful Daughters and Its Management Case Study

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The paper 'Comprehensive Analysis of Dutiful Daughters and Its Management" is a good example of a management case study. Home care business has become common in Australia and even the whole world due to the growing demand of people wishing to get special services while at their own homes. It refers to care that works in favor of people with special needs such as disabilities as they get a chance of being served while staying in their own homes. The care may also cover individuals who are getting older, recovering from surgery, or even chronically ill.

In most cases, the kind of care that is provided is the informal one whereby people’ s daughters find themselves offering care to the elderly for free, and some of the duties that they perform range from light home duties to intensive ones. However, professional home care offers in-home care together with support services to the individuals who need them. The services might include activities such as washing the person’ s hair or getting him or her dress, and helping with bath; homemaking like laundry, yard work, and cleaning; delivering meals or cooking, and health care like having a home care helper come to the individual’ s home.

This paper seeks to give a comprehensive analysis of Dutiful Daughters regarding its management, hiring of new employees as well as all the opportunities that it should explore in order to ensure its successful expansion. Introduction Home care offers in-home care and support to individuals in need, so as to enable them to live as independently as they can, and also to live the kind of lives that they wish to live in accordance with their potential.

The care providers are also responsible for helping with reprieve or respite in case the family or primary caregiver needs to have a break. One of the firms that deal with caregiving services is the ‘ Dutiful Daughters. ’ This is a formal caregiving firm that is renowned in Australia and even worldwide. The company was started by Helen Whitney in the year 2000 and operates in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. The organization was started for the purpose of providing personalized care to customers.

The agency specializes in providing care home support and companionship in order to enable individuals to maintain their autonomy.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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