Essays on Swift Connect Ltd Observation Review Case Study

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The paper "Swift Connect Ltd Observation Review " is a perfect example of a business case study. Swift connect Ltd is a small firm in Brisbane with 9 employees. The head of the production department is tasked with the duty of not only ensuring quality and production of the captivating advertisement but also making decisions on how to produce advertisements that are captivating and competitive based on the overall business strategy of cost leadership. Based on this overall mission, the strategy that is devised by the head of the production department and the general manager is to be an advertising agency specializing in the creation and production of television commercials of usually 15 to 30 seconds duration.

This would take two weeks for the advertisement to be availed to the client. Thus, the firm was known for offering its clients simple commercials, at a low cost and with short production times instead of more sophisticated, innovative commercials specifically tailored to client’ s requirements. The aspect of low cost meant that the organization rarely produced more than two revisions even if the customer is satisfied or not, partly because the commercials were usually very simple, and relatively short, but also because Swift Connect charged clients for any revisions after the second version.

Since the clients are traditionally budget-conscious, they hardly requested more than two revisions. This is contrary to other advertising agencies which often accommodated several revisions but charged a higher amount as compared to Swift Connect Ltd. However, with time, Swift Connect started losing business. After thorough investigation, it was established that small businesses that used to be the principal customers of the company had expanded and thus, required complex adverts as opposed to simple ones.

Apart from this, online advertising has tremendously grown and thus, offers lower advertising costs as compared to Swift Connect. This implies the lower budget companies are shifting away from the company.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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