Essays on Service Quality Dimension and Customer Satisfaction Assignment

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The paper "Service Quality Dimension and Customer Satisfaction" is a great example of a Marketing Assignment. Office Depot employs numerous strategies in creating value for its customers. Home-delivery or delivery is one of the options in which a customer can acquire a product and be delivered between three and five days. In fact, Steve thought that the product would be sent through the mail but was surprised when it was delivered at home (Salomonson, Å berg & Allwood, 2012). The fast delivery and home delivery is an added advantage to the customer since the customer will not waste time and money visiting a shop to acquire the product. The second value is providing customers numerous options to acquire the product.

For example, Steve searched the product online and ordered meaning that any customer can acquire the product easily (Ryu, Lee & Gon, 2012). Through the use of the online platform, Office Depot can improve distribution lines. Furthermore, the online system is integrated into nature because it contains the contacts and information of the customer. For example, Iris was able to track the customer through the name, meaning a customer management system is effective (Vega-Vazquez et al.

2013). The system ensures the customer receives the services without having the order number or any additional information. In addition, Office Depot has an effective complaint line even though it has numerous challenges of delay. Even though the lines are “ complex, ” Steve was able to communicate with the targeted individuals in that registering a complaint is easier (Vega-Vazquez et al. 2013). Furthermore, Steve was able to engage with Iris about the complaint and Iris was able to make notes to assist in addressing the complaint (Salomonson, Å berg & Allwood, 2012).

Moreover, the entire process of contacting Office Depot was through the toll-free system, which means the costs of complaints are met by the organization. Therefore, the effectiveness of the complaint system indicates the company can provide value to its customers. Identify the four broad target markets that Office Depot serves. The four broad target markets that Office Depot serves are: Customers who require specific stationeries (professionals) Customers who require home delivery Students and art artists General public customers Are Steve and Dana Haine the “ right” customers for Office Depot?

Justify your answer Steve and Dana are the “ right” customers. Steve and Dana are customers of the company because the customer management system has its details (Salomonson, Å berg & Allwood, 2012). The customer management systems store details meaning they have acquired Steve and Dina details. In addition, Steve and Dana are the “ right” customers because Steve was able to register a complaint. Steve waited for a long time and was able to explain the problem to Iris (Ryu, Lee & Gon, 2012). Furthermore, Dina is the right customer because she assisted the driver with boards and phone books to remove the stuck car.

In fact, Dina waited for the driver for more than one hour and even assisted through calling a tow car. All these activities indicate that Steve and Dana are the right customers. What is THE critical element that went wrong with Steve’ s order? The delivery of the product was the problem. Steve ordered some small products hoping that it would be delivered through the mail but a truck. The entire process of delivery including the inconveniences caused meant that the driver and the organization would improve service delivery.

For example, the driver had challenges with communication and also the wasting of time was inconvenient.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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