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The paper 'The Executive Chairman of Kinrac Corporation " is a great example of a management case study. This policy is intended to portray the commitment of Kinrac Corporation to ensure that nobody, employee or client has their safety threatened in the place of work. Our commitment as a company is founded on our cognizance of the fact that our staff are our most valued asset. The aim of the policy is the elimination or reduction of risks to the emotional and physical health of every member of our community. The safety policy is designed to ensure that even those who visit with us including visitors and external contractors are also protected.

Matters regarding sexual propriety among employees and the entire spectrum of participants will also be captured in the policy. The overall responsibility of stakeholders' safety lies squarely with the top company leadership with the Executive Chairman as the chief safety officer. Under this policy, a safety incident will be an occurrence that leads to the deterioration of the victim’ s health whether immediately or later in life. Reaction to incidents may vary depending on severity, but all of them will be responded to according to this policy. The responsibilities of the executive chairman include, Provision and maintenance of safe plant and systems of work To make and to monitor arrangements for the safe usage handling of hazardous materials in use in the company. The maintenance of a workplace that is healthy and without risk to stakeholders’ physical and emotional health. Ensure the availability of all the necessary facilities to ensure that the welfare of all stakeholders is ensured. Ensuring that the capacity of all stakeholders is built to ensure that everyone gets the necessary knowhow to enable them to know what to do and what to avoid in order to ensure their own safety and the safety of their coworker. Duties Kinrac Enterprises is committed to doing everything possible to ensure that the environment in the company and everything in its auspices poses no risk to those in it whatsoever.

Ultimately, the responsibility for safety falls on everyone in the organization under the supervision of the chief officer in charge; the Executive Chairman. However, there are some duties that are allocated to the occupants of specific offices.

They include; The Executive Chairman He is responsible for the successful implementation of this WHS policy under the delegated authority of the board, towards achieving this, he shall do the following. To ensure the observance of state and Commonwealth law on matters regarding safety in the company. To ensure that whatever consultations necessary between the board and other stakeholders take place as and when necessary. To see to it that the necessary policies are revised from time to time to ensure that they conform to the changing times and trends. To ensure that employees and other stakeholders receive all the necessary information concerning the safe operation of machinery and acceptable interactions To ensure that there are systems in place are suitable for prompt and accurate reporting in case of accidents or other incidents in the workplace. Employees They have a responsibility to be careful concerning their health and the health of those around them They have a responsibility to adhere to the rules concerning safety as formulated by the executive chairman, the board, OHS consultations, etc. They should undertake not to tamper with the systems that have been put in place to ensure the safety of stakeholders in the organization and also those that are meant for other duties but can create unsafe environments in the work environment To always act according to the laid down procedures concerning reporting of accidents.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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