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29 October 2019Old People and Senior Care Homes. In today’s fast paced and busy world, where people hardly have time for each other, the elderly face a great danger of being ignored and neglected. In response to this, many senior citizen homes and retirement homes have sprouted all over the United States. A senior citizen or retirement home is an institution where old people can reside in after they retire. Most sons and daughters unable to take care of their parents bring their parents here. Old people with no immediate relatives who can take care of them are also brought here.

It is indeed ironic that most sons and daughters, for whatever reasons, do not want to or are unable to take care of the people who brought them so selflessly. It seems that, as humanity takes giant leaps into the future and advances to a great extent, we also seem to be losing out on our basic morals and value systems. Abandoning the old, especially parents, to the care of a third person in a senior citizens institution is definitely not a part of the human value system.

But nevertheless this is the situation today. Most youngsters do not have time for the elders in the family, the result of which has been the setting up of senior citizens’ homes across the country. On the upside, apart from the value systems, these homes also have their own advantages. Many of them have good medical facilities and in-house medical professionals like doctors, physical therapists, nutritional experts, psychologists etc. These homes also have activities for old people and provide professional assistance to elders at all times of the day and night.

These facilities may otherwise not be available to this extent in their own homes or in the homes of their children or relatives. Today’s senior citizen homes have increased their facilities and contrary to general opinion may prove to be a very positive experience for the elderly. Despite the varied facilities and convenience these homes provide, we are still not entirely sure if these elders are happy in these senior citizen homes. One of the major reasons why elders are unhappy in senior citizen homes is because when they are left in the care of these homes they begin to feel that they are unwanted by the family.

It gives them the impression that they have now become a burden to the family and hence are cast aside in a home for the aged. Living in a retirement home, as opposed to living in their own home or their children’s homes and being a part of the family, increases this feeling even more. Wm. J. Diehm (2000) says in his article, that when he first started visiting old age homes, he said to his son, “Son, before you put me in one of these homes, shoot me”.

This feeling of being unwanted increases depression, which almost always manifests itself in elders during old age. Depression may be due to bodily changes and physical limitations as they age. This depression can lead to further complications and affect the health of these elders. Despite the availability of anti-depressants to cure depression, the medicine that always works is to have companions, mostly family members, to talk to regularly and make them feel wanted.

Caring for them and listening to them is the best medicine for depression. Since this kind of caring and companionship of family members is not available in senior citizen homes, these elders tend to be very unhappy in these homes.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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