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Old Smoke Abstract In this write up I will discuss the measures I could have considered taking if I was Charles Renfold, and also give a description of the policy that I would have recommended to Redwood Associates, which would help them to deal with the smoking problem in the work place. I will also explain how the case would have changed, in the event that Darlene was being bothered by something else apart from old smoke. Lastly, the paper will explain whether it was reasonable for companies to ban their employees from smoking in their car while in the company’s parking lot. Old Smoke Cigarette smoking is a habit that many people form regardless of the health risks that are involved in smoking.

Health repercussions that are involved in smoking include contracting terminal ailments like the lung cancer that are extremely expensive to treat and manage. There is also bad from the mouth of smokers and the browning of teeth, which is extremely unhygienic. The smoke from the cigarettes does not only affect the smoker s only but also the bystander who inhale the smoke as passive smokers.

Therefore, it is very essential to reinforce laws that prohibit cigarette smokers from doing it in the public, especially where there are non-smokers. Question1 If I were Charles Renfold, I would have banned smoking in the working environs without any reservations. My stand is reinforced by reason that, although smokers enjoy smoking and they reap maximum leisure from it, it inconveniences the non-smokers who are not part of the smoking habit. The old smoke that passive smokers inhale can cause lung cancer and other respiratory complications. Smokers should realize that they should be prepared to curry their own burden without involving other people in the death trap, which they willingly walk into.

Some of the problems that non-smokers face as they interact with smokers are coughing excessively and frequent headaches, because of inhaling old cigarette smoke (Shaw, 2010). Another challenge could have been to put up with a bloated stomach that is caused by the stale breadth from smokers. Such problems need to be addressed with lots of seriousness, and the best thing I would have done would be to ban smoking in Redwood associates.

An enabling working environment should be provided to all workers to ensure that they function efficiently and efficiently. If workers are not comfortable, then the consequences are that their performance is negatively affected (Virginia, 2007). It is also essential to note that all workers should have their health rights protected, and any violation should be should be addressed without any delays. In response to Darlene’s case, she was unable to compile the report that the management had requested her to compile. I would reflect on the health perils that she was being exposed to while working by breathing in the old smoke (Virginia, 2007).

Therefore, I would consider relocating her to another office or shifting the office files to a different office where any worker can access and work without any inconveniences. Question 2 A smoking policy that I would recommend to Redwood Associates would be designed to discourage smoking at the work place and during the working hours (Virginia, 2007). This policy will take into consideration the rights of the smokers to smoke as they wish, and the right of non-smokers of not being exposed to health risks by something that they are not using.

My recommended policy would be to create a smoking zone that will be far away from the working offices, with hours of smoking (Virginia, 2007). The distant smoking premise will protect the non-smokers from inhaling the smoke. As well as discourage then smokers from making the long walk just for a smoke (Shaw, 2010). The policy will also contain the reward system that will recognize those people who will cease smoking while in the company.

Further, the policy will restrict recruiting smokers so that their number will be greatly reduced. One of the requirements for admission to Redwood Associates for any job should be clearly stated that they should be non-smokers (David, 2010). Finally, the strategy would restrict the workers from carrying cigarettes in the Redwood Associates premises. Question3 It is essential to respect and appreciate every individual with their personal differences and characters. Some things can be changed while others cannot. The best thing to do with what we cannot change is to appreciate the reality of their exchangeability and adapt to them (David, 2010).

With regard to Darlene’s case, the problem was not with old smoke, and then the case would take another direction. Frank’s odor could have been result of him not taking frequent baths, then that could be solved by asking him to observe hygiene, but if it happens that that is Frank’s natural odor, then Darlene would consider reflecting her accusations and be ready to work with her colleagues with little friction (David, 2010).

Alice can also be advised to consider changing her deodorant, and wear one that is friendly to everyone. There being no health risks for Darlene then she should be made to work on the report that the management had requested. Question 4 Smoking in the public places or the work places is not only ethically wrong but also exposes people to many health perils. If a person should smoke, then it should be done in then designated smoking zone that are well ventilated to ensure that the cigarette does not reach the non-smokers. It is therefore, rational for corporations to forbid members of staff from smoking inside their cars within the corporation parking lot (Shaw, 2010).

The argument is that, old smoke will still find its way to non-smokers who might be anywhere in the building. Companies seek to protect the best interest of their workers and the public. If they allow them to smoke in the parking lot, they will eventually smoke in the offices in the end. In conclusion, cigarette smoking can be harmful to both smokers and the non-smokers who breathe in the old smoke.

The health problems that are associated with old smoke include coughing, headaches and serious, terminal ailments like lung cancer. Laws and policies should be enforced to protect the public from the health perils that they are exposed to by old smoke. References David, H. (2010). Health promotion and aging: practical applications for health professionals. New York: Springer Publishing Company. William, H. Shaw (2010) Business Ethics: A Textbook with Cases. New York: Cengage Learning. Virginia, B. (2007). Marketing health: Smoking and the discourse of public health in Britain. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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