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OM Question service representatives are among the most fundamental individuals in an organization owing to the fact that they represent the organization especially while resolving customers’ problems. This implies that they perform numerous marketing and public relations functions a feature that requires that they possess appropriate personality and technical skills coupled with effective resources in access both the clients and the organizational details of the clients in order to enhance the efficiency of their service delivery. Among the major management characteristics of the job is courteous personality. The customer service representatives must approach the customers politely and maintain humor where possible.

Besides the humor, they must exhibit professionalism in service delivery thus safeguarding the satisfaction of every customer who engages them. Effective management of customer relations further requires adequate resources. As portrayed in the essay, customers often hate waiting on jammed telephones lines coupled with unexposed representatives who cannot solve their problems. Efficient resources thus include adequate personnel who will ensure that no caller waits on the line coupled with efficient telephone connections in order to curb the prevalent of noise among other factors that may deter effective communication.

Additionally, the customer representatives must possess effective communication skills in order to engage the customers. As public relations officers, the customer service representatives must possess politeness and have all the appropriate information in order to expedite the process of service delivery. Moreover, as marketers they must gather appropriate data and influence the operations of the company in order to improve its efficiency thus profitability. Question 2 The mission of the Help Desk Contact Center is to resolve the customers’ problems efficiently thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve this, both the organization and the help desk employ specific strategies that will enhance the efficiency of the desk thus enhancing the desired customer satisfaction, including the hiring of adequate employees. The central help desk will receive calls from the customers of the bank from the entire market. This requires the employment of adequate number of employees at the call center who must exhibit professionalism and effective understanding of public relations. This way, the maintain decorum coupled with efficient service delivery in order to curb such complains of delays as portrayed in the essay.

As discussed earlier, the help desk is important in any commercial organization since it provides customers with an effective platform to resolve their problems without incurring transport cost to the organization. As such, the help desk serves as a major public relations tool since the efficiency of its service delivery improves the reputation of the organization thus increasing its market share. Additionally, the desk is an essential marketing tool that enables the organization determines the issues that affect the efficiency of its service delivery.

Improving on such issues improves the organization’s market share. The customers of the desk are customers of the organizations who often have varied problems and questions about the products and services of the company. Question 3 The customer who calls the line presenting the inaccurate stock price requires a pro-active approach in solving his problem. As portrayed in his conversation, he is a professional who deals with other secondary clients. This implies that he is a business and a major customer for the company. As such, satisfying his needs is paramount since such would entice him to continue his business relations with the company.

The practical solution would entail taking booth his details and ted details of his aggrieved client and contacting the concerned individuals as fast as possible. Depending on the complexity of the problem, the caller can put him on hold and consult the other concerned parties before engaging him on the nature of the problem (Cutlip, Allen & Glen, 2011). This way, he contributes to the solution often including his contribution in the solutions. After resolving his problem amicably ad to his satisfaction, the help desk representative must apologize for the problem and promise to reflect the financial changes on his client’s bank account spontaneously.

Additionally, the representative must apologize for the delay in the line since the customer complained of waiting for three minutes. In the apology, the representative should explain the nature of the call center and some of the possible solutions the company is developing in order to curb such delays in future. This way, the customer feel both appreciated and satisfied and is therefore likely to prolong his transactions with the bank.

Question 4 Based on the assumption that the future is always an extrapolation of the past, the call center data provides an effective platform to forecast future trends at the company thus influencing the strategizing of the center in order to improve its efficiency. As the data reveals, the center receives an average of five hundred calls per day. The trend is likely to stay so for the next few days as the company expands its markets. Reference Cutlip, S. M., Allen, H.

C. & Glen, B. M. (2011). Effective Public Relations. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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