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The paper 'Operations Management Project' is a great example of a Business Case Study. Applying the Operational Management principles to ensure the success of a business is fundamental. It is important to properly design the goals and objectives of a company or the goods or services that are on offer. The principles ensure the alignment of the operations and the aspects such as the supply chain management and the delivery options can result in much success if well executed. There is a stronger need to ensure that prior to the launch of the product or service, the market is analyzed and the development must keep in mind all these conditions that are part of the operation management framework (Jones, & Robinson, 2012).

In the current business world, the driver of growth is differentiation and adding an innovative edge to the operations. Striving to give only the very best in terms of customer experience and also implementing a feedback mechanism is critical for continuous product evolution and it has to be factored in the development of the new product. IntroductionEvent management is one of the most robust industries today.

There are many challenges that people face when conducting event management today. The aspect of operations in such events is often daunting to the event managers. Planning the logistics, ensuring that everything is where it is needed when it is needed, proper resource management for both human and physical resources, and ensuring proper synchrony is realized during the management are always touchpoints that often result in challenges that often risk spoiling the entire events. In addition to this, coordinating the supply chain with the focus on customer satisfaction in mind is a fundamental segment of such a process.

Streamlining this aspect therefore can ensure that costs are saved, time wastage is minimized, and that the peace of mind of the organizers, those taking part in the events and the clients is a guarantee (Jones, & Robinson, 2012). This is a perennial problem facing the service industry that is known for its high dynamicity in the way it is rendered— there is no one-way-fits-all approach to events and most of them are customized or tailored down depending on many factors.

Having a way to manage the operations effectively implies that it will be a great part of the organization.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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