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East Lothan carbon management plan. Forward from Michael Smith the chef executive. East Lothan signed a memorandum of understanding with the Australian climate change declaration in 2008. For commitment purposes, the council agreed to engage in a carbon management programme. The carbon management programme is organized by the carbon trust. This initiative is rewarding to East Lothan. The company commits itself to regulate carbon emissions through the carbon management plan. Carbon management programme will be based on the company’s role of controlling carbon emissions to make a difference. The end result is the reduction of carbon emission (MacKenzie 2004). Reducing carbon emissions to the atmosphere is a relevant step in the fight against climate change.

This should be a key priority for companies operating in Australia. The Australian government identified the private sector as a significant sector contributing to reduction of carbon emission. This is in line with the government’s commitment to the Kyoto commitments. Carbon management assists companies by saving a substantial amount of money on energy. Carbon emission management by companies contributes to environmental management initiatives to fight climate change (Gössling 2011).

East Lothan was selected as the programme to be able to save costs and contribute to climate change strategies. The carbon management strategies will ensure that East Lothan Company reduces carbon emissions into the air by 20%. The sources of these emissions are the company’s buildings and stationary sources. The company projects to achieve this target by the year 2014. This carbon emission strategy will save the company between 3 million pounds to four million pounds (MacKenzie 2004). IntroductionEast Lothan signed an Australian climate change declaration in early 2007 to have mitigation measures against global warming.

The company plans to contribute to the society by helping in tackling environmental problems that the Australian society faces. As part of the company’s strategic environmental management, the company intends to prioritize the carbon management strategy. This will contribute to the global climate change strategy. The water and energy strategy 2005 significantly contributed to reducing carbon emission and consequently produced financial savings. The company has taken part in a number of forums to discuss carbon management. The company organized carbon management workshops that were attended by various stakeholders.

The workshops discussed the strategic issue of carbon management. During these workshops the company learned from experts the best methods of reducing carbon emissions. The company has a carbon emissions management board set up to advise the company on carbon saving ideas. Key drivers for carbon management planThe drivers for the carbon management programme are internal policy, legislative drivers, financial drivers and reputational drivers. East Lothan Company identifies core values that drove the company to plan for carbon emission management. The foremost value is that of responsibility. The company is obliged to contribute to sustainable development and environmental well being.

The company identifies environmental and financial enablers for the carbon management plan. A key priority for action is to reduce the carbon foot print and its impacts on the environment. The company is required by legislation to adopt a carbon management strategy as part of a measure to conform to the management of climate change.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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