Essays on Online Publishing Solution For NRMA Insurance Limited Case Study

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Table of ContentsNumber range 1-3IntroductionAccording to Maurer (2001) the idea and tools of knowledge management (KM) have extensively established for the enhanced corporate management, business handling and well-organized exchange of structured business information inside huge corporations. Additionally, the paradigm of the knowledge management involves the utilization of several sources of business information and knowledge. In this regard, business databases, information systems and networked systems, intranet or internet corporate platforms deal with similar tasks (Maurer, 2001). According to Bounds (2009), the knowledge management is a framework or discipline that develops the capability of firms to resolve problems those are involved in the changing business requirements, as well as carry on disturbing changes like that staff turnover (Bounds, 2009).

This report offers a detailed analysis for the knowledge management system implementation for the NRMA Insurance Limited. In this regard, this report will offer the comprehensive overview some of the main aspects of the new knowledge management system implementation, its potential advantages, data sources, issues and potential prospects of this technology application for the business. Business Overview and Nature of BusinessThe business of NRMA Insurance Limited is a well established business which offers insurance services.

After the potential increase in business structure the management felt the need for the better customer management. In this scenario the business is facing problems for the huge business information and customer management. With the huge business-clients it was very hard for the business of the NRMA Insurance Limited to manage this business through the manual ways of the business handling. In this regard the need felt for the some automated and web based technology based knowledge management system.

Problems AddressedThe NRMA Insurance Limited business was facing the problems regarding the better customer support and handling. In this scenario the web based business handling and management platform was suggested. The solution for addressing NRMA Insurance Limited, business problems was a knowledge management system. The huge business information and customer management was solved by an online publishing solution. This was a web based platform for handling and controlling the online documentation help system for the NRMA Insurance Limited. This system was a web based system and resolved the problems of business access and help.

The business system has expensively resolved the problem of effective business information access and customer management. Why KM is needed? And potential benefits? In case of NRMA Insurance Limited business way we need a knowledge management system. The answer can be derived through the analysis of main advantages that this technology brings to the corporation. In this regard, Bellinger (2004) outlined that knowledge management presents an enhanced support for the business information handling, transfer, communication, change management and standardization (Bellinger, 2004). According to Bounds (2009), the knowledge management helps the organizations to deal with and handle complex organizational system, people that work for the business, procedures processes, and information systems that facilitate to run the business actions (Bounds, 2009).

In this regard, Maurer (2001) stated that knowledge management technology facilitates the organizations to be well-organized through bringing together desirable knowledge and information on demand (Maurer, 2001).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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