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The paper "Online Retailing and Internet Marketing" is a brilliant example of a term paper on marketing. Internet-marketing is the use of electronic media for the trade of goods and services. This trade might be within different firms or within different countries. The e-marketing does not only deals with the trade while the general public is enabled to do online-shoppings. This online-shopping requires a special mode of payments. The e-marketing has increased the level of business and trade of each entrepreneur as it helps to gain the maximum global market share.

The electronic media use internet resources not only market their products and service but also enhance their sales through the internet mode. A brief description of E-marketing History Internet marketing (e-marketing) wasn’ t a new field rather the concept was initiated in the early 1960s when the use of file transfer and email was in use. The use of this internet marketing (e-marketing) was limited to a few large organizations and some daring financial institutes. Within the years of 1960 and 1970 different other concepts arises such as multimedia application and video links.

The use of multimedia offers the potential to introduce many innovative techniques and application especially within the civil administration, banking applications, and other commercial businesses. Now with time, the concept of internet marketing (e-marketing) expanded numerously that now companies used to market and sales their product with the help of emails. The communication gap is reduced at minimum levels and the businesses are launched at global levels. The excess to any product and service become convenient, this increases the level of internet commercialization in early 1990. These all enhancement coined the entrepreneurs and business administrators to develop the latest and fastest applications for the business.

It is the emerging concept in which still further developments are taking place with time augmenting information and communication technology. This augmentation increases the business functions (human resource, marketing, finance and another support area of the business). The concept of internet marketing (e-marketing) supports all the aspects of trade except the actual delivery. However, the monetary exchange is possible electronically in the latest the year of 1997. The overall e-commerce application was successfully launched in the new era of 2000 and most of the banks increased their distribution channels only because of e-commerce applications. Direct Marketing Direct marketing is the sub-head of marketing with two main broad categories that distinguish it from other types of marketing.

The very first character is that it opts for different users or consumers and directly interacts through electronic media. This direct interaction uses unsolicited commercial communications such as spam or junk mail to interact directly with the consumers.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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