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The paper 'Ooredoo Strategic Planning" is a good example of a management case study. Company management is key to the success and growth of any business. Proper management is attributable to employee output and generally market growth. Ooredoo Company has been an icon of business growth since its initiation until now. The company has generally transited from meager income generation to what it stands now as a multibillion income generating company. This growth and transition to greatness have been attributed to good management and growth strategies that have been achieved through strategic plans over time.

Ooredoo has continued to enjoy a large market share in the telecommunication sector since its initiation way back in 1949. Regardless of the fact that the company enjoyed zero competition for a period of 5 decades, good planning cannot be overlooked as a factor that led to its growth. In the current times where massive competition in price and supply, the company has not lagged behind and it continues to enjoy a significantly ample market share. This paper will focus on the strategic management plan over time that has seen the rise of Ooredoo Company to its current state.

The paper will analyze the company’ s mission, vision and how this has guided the company to strategic growth. Emphasis will be laid on financial management, the interplay of internal and external; factors that contribute to the growth of the company. The paper will also attempt to recommend future actions to the company in accordance with the analysis that the paper will focus on. Introduction Ooredoo started in 1949 under the name of Qatar Telecommunicating company (QTEL) it was the only Telecommunicating company in Qatar for five decades (Ooredoo, 2014).

Moreover, it was the only company which provides this kind of service in Qatar, from that they get a monopoly advantage over the customers, which helped them to rapidly grow their business. Nowadays Ooredoo offers all kind of services and products to their customers like mobile services, wireless services, wireline services, content services and many other bundle offers of products and services (Ooredoo, 2014). QTEL changed its name to Ooredoo in February 2013 to be a worldwide company where they have succeeded serving in over 10 other countries besides Qatar.

Some of these countries are Iraq, Oman, Sudan, Spain among others v. Analysis Vision / Mission Analysis Ooredoo’ s vision message that they communicate to their customers is “ Enriching people’ s lives as a leading international communications company” . (Ooredoo, 2014). Ooredoo has a strong belief that their customers’ need the very best technology that the company can offer in the telecommunication sector. So they are keeping in touch with the technology changes, acquire it and offer it to their customers. Ooredoo mission is based on a strong that by stimulating human growth, the society can grow as well and they have done that by: Help the youth-teens to achieve their very best possible potential by offering them the necessary technology for that growth. Trying to locate the communities with less to no access to the telecommunicating world, and provide their services to them. Recognition and respect of women and help them to develop themselves in society. Help the economy grow by providing support to the new entrepreneurs and the new business, to help them benefit society (Ooredoo, 2014).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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