Essays on How to Always Smile at Problems Coursework

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The paper "How to Always Smile At Problems" is an outstanding example of coursework on philosophy. There are many different philosophies that people believe in to get through life. My biggest philosophy in life is this: “ always smile at problems” . I have three values that guide this philosophy. Value 1: smiling at problems helps you look at a problem from a brighter angle. Like the famous saying a blessing in disguise or seeing the glass half full and not half empty. Life is full of stresses and it is too short to keep on brooding over our daily problems, that is why you need to smile at your problems and move on. Value 2: smiling at problems relieves stress by uplifting our moods.

Holding on to our problems can sometimes drag us into depression. But if we could just smile and remind ourselves that there is no gain without pain, then we can be relieved of our problems very easily. This is because we would try to forget we have problems since other solve even bigger problems and they are not crying everywhere. Value 3: smiling at our problems makes us beautiful.

Stress and depression can often be seen by other people by our skin, facial expression, and our grooming. A stressed-out person is badly groomed since their problems overshadow every aspect of their lives. It is consoling to remember that smiling reduces aging. If only we can smile knowing that our problems keep us alive since only dead people have no drama in their lives. Smile at your problems and remember that without problems you would never know your true friends. Moreover, problems give you stories to tell not to mention the experience we gain from those problems.

Finally smiling leads to laughter which is the cure for all diseases and uplifts spirits. You sleep soundly when you smile and it makes you fresh and bright in the morning.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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