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The paper “ Cases in Operations Management” is a thrilling example of the assignment on management. Operation management is the process that involves the combination and transformation of resources used in the operations subsystems of organizations into value-added services/products in a manner that is controlled according to the policies of an organization. Essentially, it is part of an organization that is mainly concerned with the conversion of inputs into the required service/products that are of the right quality level. Hill (2000) defines operation management as the utilization of physical resources in converting inputs into the necessary outputs in order to give a consumer the desired utilities of possession, forms, place, or combination of the utilities while meeting the organization's goals of adaptability, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Operations are conversion processes resources (inputs) into services and goods (outputs). The concept of operation in organizations is mainly defined as human and managerial procedures involved in organizations, the technology employed, and the operations it serves for the organization. In an organization, operations may be categorized into services operations and manufacturing operations. Manufacturing operations involve the conversion process that yields a product, tangible products while a service operation results in an intangible output; a performance, a deed, or an effort. Essentially, the concept of operation is relevant and significant in any organization or business.

This is attributed to the fact that it provides the potential to improve and increase both consumers’ efficiency and services simultaneously. Hill (2005) describes it as a core of businesses because it plays a central role in changes that affect business. This includes changes in supply networks, consumer preferences, how and where to work, and changes in the tasks done at work. The knowledge of the concept of operations is applied in service to customers.

In every organization, service to customers is a key element in its operations. Indeed, services to customers are key objectives of operation management. The operating system ought to provide services and products that satisfy the customer in terms of timing and cost. Essentially, the key objective is to provide the right thing at the right time and place (Kumar 2006).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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