Essays on The Characteristics of Service as Qantas Airline Apply to the Market Case Study

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The paper “ The Characteristics of Service as Qantas Airline Apply to the Market” is a thoughtful variant of the case study on marketing. Marketing needs to be viewed as more than just the aspect of selling and advertising since it consists of various complex processes. Some of the processes include the determinations of what the customer’ s need, the supply of the services and goods so as to satisfy their needs and this ought to be done at a price that offers benefits to the business. Thus, success in business means the very aspect of getting the customer and selling or offering services to them.

Repeat business usually indicates the success of the business and over time there is a buildup of a large customer base. Success usually occurs when both the seller who in this case is the businessman and the customer feels good about the transaction taking place between them. This report, therefore, sets out to select an organization that I am familiar with and based on it, to critically analyze and evaluate it from the perspective of management based on the reading by Fitzsimmons and Fitzsimmons Chapter 2.

The evaluation must consider aspects such asThe service/product package.   The characteristics of services/products as they apply to your organization. Need for operations management in organizations2.0 Background information on Qantas airlinesThe organization to be used in this scenario is Qantas Airlines. This is based on the fact that the airline has been in operation for a long period of time and it specializes in the offering of services to its customers. Qantas is the largest airline in Australia and also the second oldest in the world (Qantas Airlines).

It is based in Qantas suburb in the city of Botany with the main hub at Sydney Airport. It started from humble beginnings and from then on, has proofed to be a strong competitor among other airlines. Since its inception, Qantas has operated a number of subsidiaries such as Jetconnect, Australian Airlines, and impulse airlines just to mention a few. Qantas also groups its travelers under different categories such as first-class, business class, economy class, and the premium economy class. Based on these, they are able to attract a great number of customers since it fits the needs of a great number of customers (Topham n. p).

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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