Essays on Theoretical and Experimental Research of Lucky Imaging Technique Case Study

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The paper "Theoretical and Experimental Research of Lucky Imaging Technique" is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. The Yunnan Lucky Air is usually an aviation company that provides airline services in China. Moreover, the Lucky Air Company was established in the year 2005, whereby it started providing airline services to the people at a low cost via the agents. However, because of the rise in internet services, the Yunnan Lucky Company was much focused on business activities since many people are most in need of on-door services.

Moreover, the Lucky Air Company was looking for more competitive advantages by providing information technology services. There is a need to note that the airline market is very competitive and with the competition in the market, there is a need to be committed to offering well scheduled and quality services. In offering the services, there are costs that are incurred known as fixed costs where in this case an airline needs to possess an aircraft either bought or leased (Chang-xi, 2006). Some of the costs added to fixed costs; full crew, staff working hard to booking, giving tickets, boarding and handling baggage of the flight, fuelling and other supplies to consider. Summary of the case The Lucky Air Company had a total growth of 104.3 million dollars in the low-cost airlines, whereby it served the domestic routes from the Kunming up to the south-western parts of China.

Moreover, Yunnan was a major tourist destination in China since it had a beautiful landscape as well as a multi-ethnic culture. Also, the Lucky Air Company attracted more than 1.2 million tourists to the Yunnan area because of providing airline services to travellers.

However, by comparing the Lucky Air Company to the other main competitors such as Air China and also China Southern Airlines, Lucky Air conducted its operations under the small scale and also modeled its strength at a low-cost. The Lucky Air Company grew together with its parent which was Hainan Airlines. The airline industry in China was highly regulated; thus the industry limited the flexibility of the other new airline companies. However, despite the regulation of the new airline companies by the Chinese airline industry, the low-cost new airline companies still went on growing inclusive of the Lucky Air Company.

For instance, in the year 2007, there were around 11 airline businesses that were of low-cost in China, and also other two more airline companies were waiting to be approved officially. Moreover, Lucky Air Company is still looking for more competitive advantages by being much concerned about electronic commerce. Also, the operations of the Lucky Air Company on Information Technology have been backed up by Hainan Airlines which has the most advanced website in the airline industry of China.

However, even though the airline electronic commerce had not much developed in China, the Lucky Air Company was much focused on positioning itself at the topmost edge of the technology to accrue similar benefits which are realized by Southwest Airlines. Moreover, the executives of Lucky Air Company had to make a decision pertaining to various issues such as their customers and also the market. However, in case the company`s executives make a mistake of choosing a wrong expansion strategy for electronic commerce, this could cost a lot the Lucky Air Company.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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