Essays on How C20 Manages Either Their Inventory or Capacity and Demand Case Study

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The paper 'How C20 Manages Either Their Inventory or Capacity and Demand" is a good example of a management case study. The operations management f C20s Company is not only concerned with the production of goods and services but also with the delivery of the same. In production and delivery of the same, the operations management has put in place the input, the transformation and finally the output processes (Michael and Nigel 2003). According to Nigel (2009), the three essential processes that are used by the C20s fires company are also known as ITO.

According to C20fireplaces (2011), all the operations within a company are known as transformation processes and those within the C20 fire company are not an exception s company. The operations are also responsible for the management of inventory, capacity and demand by the customers. The manner in which the company handles its inventory, capacity and demand of the customers in such a manner that is positive for the daily operations of the company. The reproduction process also has the input, the transformation and the output processes.

The processes ensure that the demands of the customers are met. In the reproduction of fireplace mantels and inserts, the company allows its clients to select from a wide range of fireplace inserts which are a selection from a Victorian wide range of collections. The fireplace then goes through a transformation process whereby they are fitted inside a wooden or stone mantel. The final process which is the output finally has the fireplace being inserted in a manner that is slightly bigger than the surrounding opening to increase efficiency. In the output, the fireplace can also come out as having three steel fillets which are fitted in the frames that are three sides thus making the inserts fit well in the mantel openings which are quite larger in size (Michael and Nigel 2003). In the reproduction of the chimneypieces, mantels or fire surrounds, the company follows the aforementioned three processes in order to meet the requirements of their clients.

In the input process, there is the insertion of the mantel frame or the fire surrounds.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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