Essays on Operations management Case Study

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Operations management Summary satisfaction is at the core of every business practice as many organizations have adopted it because it is a sure way of yielding the desired results and profit margins. As per the cases study, TNT felt the need to align the employees with their promise of delivering quality services to consumers so as to make their experience to be a pleasant one. First, there was a challenge in the execution of this plan as the percentage of those that had qualifications that were above QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) was low, which was likely to act as a hindrance towards delivering the customer promise.

Additionally, TNT also adopted the customer focus strategy that required that the company anticipated the needs of their customers so as to meet them effectively once the needs arose. This meant that they wanted to be prepared for what their customers would want rather than not being ready in case the customers made requests for their certain needs. Therefore, TNT was focused on achieving these goals at whichever cost so as to add value and also pay attention to their customers by listening to them more.

Learning Points: 1. Honesty is a key factor when a company intends to achieve customer satisfaction, especially for employees because it helps in avoiding instances where a company makes promises that it cannot deliver especially when it is experiencing challenges. 2. Training of employees to be in line with the company’s objective of achieving customer satisfaction can also go a long way in ensuring that these goals are met, which can make the process to be more effective.

This means that all levels involved in service delivery to customers should be well informed about what is required of them in order for the planned process to be seamless. 3. Offering an array of services can also help in the achievement of customer satisfaction because the customers would be able to choose the service package that suits their needs most. Such innovative products can include online booking platforms that can help customers to make the bookings or reschedule deliveries to their convenience. 4. Competitive advantage can be achieved by a company that operates in a highly competitive market by applying the differentiation strategy that can be able to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

This can also include the motivation of employees through ways such as reward systems and proper compensation for their time inputs so as to foster organizational loyalty for the good of an organization. Essentially, a satisfied and happy employee is likely to influence customer satisfaction. 5. Meeting the needs of the customer is not only a necessity, but exceeding them is also highly appreciated by an organization.

Therefore, employees should be allowed to make their own decisions when it comes to serving their customers rather than having to wait for the management to make decisions that they themselves can make. 6. Effective communication is needful when an organization seeks to achieve customer satisfaction as this ensures that the employees are aware of the brand that they represent. Communication also helps employees to obtain what the customers need first hand so as to be able to know how to effectively meet these needs.

Critical analysis Essentially, the process of customer satisfaction begins when an organization realizes the benefits that they are likely to achieve once the needs of their customers have been effectively met. The implication of this is that every team member within an organization has the responsibility of understanding what their roles are in this process in order for it to succeed. Moreover, employees should be motivated enough that they may develop organizational loyalty because the failure of this is likely to yield contrary results. On the other hand, communication can contribute immensely in the development of an organization’s culture as it helps all individuals working in an organization to participate in the process of delivering quality services to customers.

When employees are rewarded for their work, then they are likely to become brand ambassadors for the company, which in turn influences customers to develop loyalty towards the brand being marketed by them. The achievement of customer satisfaction can also lead to the achievement of competitive advantage because it requires that the brand representatives of a company listen more to the customers so as to meet their needs effectively.

This means that a company may be able to meet the needs of their customers more because the delivery of services would be as per what the needs that exist. TNT seems to have taken this concept very seriously because their intention is to train their employees that they may align themselves with the organizations objectives and also reward them accordingly that they might remain loyal to this course. Based on this, organizations should first strive to achieve customer satisfaction than other elements such as increased profits will fall in place effortlessly.

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