Essays on Effects of Managers Perception of Workforce Assignment

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Generally speaking, the paper "Effects of Managers Perception of Workforce" is a perfect example of a business assignment. Operation management is one of the most important areas of management. It entails the employment of one or more technology in the process of projects operations (Robert & Graham, 2008). The main aim is to improve the way in which an organization or a business responds to the operations objectives which are as follows; flexibility, speed, quality, dependable and cost. Project management is a very important aspect of any organization. It entails a discipline that deals with the organization, plan resource management and security.

All of which is geared towards the accomplishment of the organization’ s objectives, goals and mission. Project management works hand in hand with the management of the program but it is technically ranked higher than project management because it entails a group of so many but related projects that are under one management in a certain project. This paper provides an analysis of the technology used in different areas of operation as well as an improved commentary on how the goals of the companies are achieved. Effects of manager’ s perception of workforce There are so many factors that influence the attitudes of the managers in dealing with the employees.

The perception of the managers towards the workforce is the factor that greatly influences managerial behaviours in terms of the styles of management and their attitudes in dealing with the employees. The manner in which the manager in an organization treats the employees will influence their productivity towards the organization. This is because they are likely going to react according to the way the managers react towards them.

On the other hand, the managerial styles used by the managers will also greatly affect their behaviour (Robert & Graham, 2008). The perception could be positive or negative. This means that the attitude that the management, as well as the styles of management that the managers use, will greatly contribute to the output of the employees in the organization.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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