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Information Technology: Emirate AirlinesIntroductionAn information system is defined as a collection of procedures, people, data, software and hardware to bring forth long-range, short-range and the day-to-day supporting information regarding organization’s users (Jessup, & Valacich, 2008). There are different IT systems used in different organization for different purposes some include: Transaction Processing System, Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Office Automation System, Knowledge Work System and Executive Support Systems. Business processes have to take place throughout the life of the enterprise. Business processes refer to the manner, in which a business focuses, coordinates and organizes work to produce a service or a product which is valuable (Laudon, and Laudon, 2007).

This report will focus on Transaction Processing System (TPS) and Decision Support Systems (DSS) in reference to the Emirates airlines company. Company overviewSituated in Middle East at Dubai; Emirates is one of the national airlines which serves over 100 locations within 60 countries around the globe originating from the international port of Dubai with 137 aircraft fleet. Emirate has been in service for 25 years (Oleason et al. , 2008). Despite being a young airline, emirates has emerged among the top respected brands worldwide in the last ten years.

The cornerstone to their success is employment of new information systems and technology systems in all their business processes (Laudon, and Laudon, 2007). Mission of the companyEach year emirates has had 20% or more growth and the airline has always given a substantial profit record annually. Their mission is to increase their growth percentage and keep on ensuring their explosive growth is unbeatable (Oleason et al. , 2008). . Any organization has four managerial levels responsible for decisions and plans in the firm.

Which are operations levels, knowledge levels, tactical levels, and strategic levels. Different information systems are used in different levels to help the managers make the best decisions. Decision Support SystemDescription Decision support system (DSS) is defined as an information system which is computer-based that supports decision-making activities in an organization or business (Jessup, & Valacich, 2008). DSS uses both external and internal sources of data. Internal sources includes factors such as financial data, inventory, sales acquired from the database of an organization. External sources include the cost of new equipment or installation, population trends and interest rates.

DSS users who actually are managers are able to manipulate DSS data and in turn come up with decisions (Power, 2006). The emirates company uses DSS in the tactical level. Tactical level deals with decision that supports the strategic decisions (Oleason et al. , 2008). Tactical levels decisions they are usually of medium significance, medium range and with moderate repercussions. These decisions are build from the routine transactions data summaries such as orders of sales from the next classification or levels.

For example; one of key strategic decisions in emirates is increasing the annual profit. The tactical decision brought on board by the managers in the middle level will look at how the processes in the middle will support the strategic decision to bear fruits. DSS is a fundamental system particularly to help in decision making among the management in circumstances where the expected results of the decisions made cannot be predicted. DSS assist the emirate managers in gathering any necessary information and analyzes alternatives and options to unpredictable outcomes of made decisions (Laudon, and Laudon, 2007).

The system then, provides databases and spreadsheets to create models referred to as “what-if” and in turn offer the managers with best choices on the decision in case of uncertainty.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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