Essays on Significance of Operations Management for Business Assignment

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The paper "Significance of Operations Management for Business" is a perfect example of an assignment on management. This business can benefit greatly from the operations management process by ensuring production is managed and all activities involved in the manufacture and sales of Jackets are carried out effectively. For instance, it is a method that ensures the costs of producing a product is greatly reduced. This can be achieved through the reduction of material costs and overhead costs so that the value of multifactor productivity ration is improved. Operations management is also a process that ensures time taken to perform a particular task is greatly reduced.

This ensures the overall time taken during production activities in a month is reduced while the number of products produced is increased. As a result, the value of labor productivity is also improved and employees are able to become more competitive. Operations management is also a process that can be important in determining the order in which activities need to be done and accountability is achieved as a result of performing a particular task. For instance, in the jacket company, it will be possible to know the order in which activities need to be done from the instant of arrival of raw materials to the production and packaging stage. `Furthermore, operations management is s strategy that ensures revenues are increased through improved customer satisfaction by providing quality service.

In the case study, operations management will ensure activities are carried out with high accuracy and the possibilities of employees making mistakes during production are reduced. Consequently, customers will be satisfied with the quality of jackets produced by the company and they will become loyal to the company.

This will result in increased sales of the products produced by the company. In addition, operations management is a process that results in a reduction of amounts of investments required during the process of producing a particular type of product or services by ensuring the capacity of operations is increased. For instance, in the case study, it will be possible to determine the right cost of materials required during the process of producing jackets so that the right capacity of production can be determined in terms of the number of jackets that can be produced in a month.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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