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The paper “ Operations Management and Success in Organisation” is a meaty example of the literature review on management. The success of an organization is the core goal of every organization. All organizations thrive to achieve success and gain a competitive advantage over other firms. This success is largely dependent on the three arms of the business organizations: operations; marketing and finance activities of the company. Over the years the shift has moved to the operations aspect of the management of the business. The operations of the business can be described as the processes that the business engages in.

operations, as defined by Kumar & Suresh (2009), is focused on the efficient use of inputs in producing outputs of the required quality. Therefore operations management involves the use of the resources in the operations to add value to the process in accordance with the standards set by the organization. It is this factor that most defines the success of the company. The operations management has various factors which are the success factors of the whole process. These factors include the quality t of the products or service; International Standards Organisation Standards certification; Just in Time processes; and most recently quality environmental management of the process.

If all these factors are management then it has an impact on the success of the company. The success of the company in this paper will be taken to mean the competitive advantage and financial performance of the organization. This paper therefore will review previous literature that has been done to establish the link that operations management practices have with gaining competitive advantage in the global market and the performance of that company. A literature review can be defined as a discussion of previously done literary works on a given subject or topic (Writing Center n. d) that seeks to give the background for the study of the topic.

This review, according to Birmingham City University, should ideally include comparisons of the different views on the said topic and a critical discussion of the issues raised and identification of possible gaps that need to be filled with any new research (Denney and Tewksbury 2013).


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