Essays on Weaknesses of the Current Purchasing And Inventory Management Practices at Viverra Motors Case Study

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The paper “ Weaknesses of the Current Purchasing And Inventory Management Practices at Viverra Motors” is a thoughtful variant of the case study on management. Operations management is a good topic for discussion in the current business world. These include the issues of inventory, supply, and purchase management. The automotive industry is greatly affected by these issues and thus measures need to be put in place to address all the challenges. Viverra motors are no exception to the matter because it faces some solemn challenges. As the purchasing manager at the company, the report is about the exact challenges that the company faces.

The report will discuss the different purchasing and inventory policies that exist in the company. The weaknesses of the company’ s model of operations have also been discussed in detail. The report also recommends that the company should change its operations model as well as strengthening the concepts of supply chain and inventory. The report concludes that if the measures are implemented, the company will be able to deal with its operational challenges. IntroductionPlanning for operations and management of a business organization is a critical aspect of success.

Poor planning will lead to losses and collapse of the organization (Gardiner, 2010). In the motor vehicle sale industry, planning is a crucial aspect. This is considering the nature of transactions that takes place. Purchase and supply also form an important aspect since most customers will require after-sale services (McCulloch, 2012). These services will require the company to be well equipped in terms of technicians and equipment. As the new purchasing manager at Viverra motor company, a few challenges have been noted and the general manager needs to be advised accordingly on the matter.

The report will thus be based on the area of purchase and supply and how to deal with the challenges affecting the company. These challenges will be addressed in detail and recommendations be given to the general manager.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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