Essays on Operation Management in the Supply Chain Context Case Study

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The paper "Operation Management in the Supply Chain Context" is a perfect example of a case study on management. In today’ s challenging business environment, companies need to come up with ways to improve their supply chain operations. One way of doing this is to implement the concept of lean supply chain management. The idea behind “ lean” has been around for sometimes and has recently gained popularity as a means of improving operations by eliminating “ waste” and non-value activities (Holweg, 2007). The aim of this report is to address the issue of “ waste” at Nike Inc.

The paper will offer a description of the company and the challenge that exist regarding supply chain operations. It will explain the potential harm the company experiences due to the problem and will provide a project plan covering what could be done to change the situation. The paper will also review the literature on lean management to gain insights into the issue. Description of Nike Inc. Nike Inc. is a multinational company located in the United States that take part in the manufacturing, development, marketing and design of footwear and accessories.

It is one of the leading suppliers of athletic shoes and a manufacturer of sports equipment (Casey and Byington, 2013). Other main products of Nike Inc. include jerseys for various sports such as basketball, tennis and football, cleats, baselayers, apparel, and running shoes. The most popular line of shoes produced by the company includes Air Max, Air Zoom Yorker, and Air Jordan. Nike Inc. has categorized its customers into three main groups; women, young athletes, and runners (Casey and Byington, 2013). The company offers women apparel such as sports bra and tights and offbeat commodities such as skirts and jerseys.

The women’ s lines make up about $2 billion annually. The company also focuses on children who play sports which has increased its sale. The company allows young athletes to wear its products and partners with professional athletes as a means of marketing its brand. Most products offered by Nike focus on the running category (Casey and Byington, 2013). The company offers running shoes and running apparel to this market segment and sponsors running events to reach its intended customers.


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