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The paper 'Virgin Atlantic Airlines Operations Management" is a good example of a management case study. The success of business organizations is based on the degree to which the management understands the market and comes up with appropriate strategies to meet the needs of the customers. Business organizations are either product or service-based. Product-based companies focus on the ability of their products to provide utility to their customers. According to Fitzsimmons, the provision of products is normally followed by a provision of service (Fitzsimmons 17). The provision of service is an important strategy of increasing a firm’ s competitiveness in the modern business world.

Some of the after-sale services in the business world include installation, transport, and servicing. On the other hand, service-based companies focus on the ability of the services delivered satisfying the needs of their companies. In some instances, the provision of services is followed by the provision of a product such as offering food in a hotel (Fitzsimmons 17). The following report will give a deep insight into service delivery. It will use Virgin Atlantic Airways as a case study company.

It will give brief information about the company, its service/product package, characteristics, and nature of the services /products offered by the company. The above sections will be discussed with reference to the reading by Fitzsimmons ‘ Ch. 2, The Nature of Services’ . Virgin Atlantic Airways Virgin Atlantic Airlines was established in 1984. It was founded by Sir Richard Branson, a high profile entrepreneur who was previously known for Virgin Records, the famous music store. Sir Richard Branson had the vision of developing a high-quality airline that gave its customers high value for their money (Virgin Atlantic Airlines 1).

Its inaugural flight was scheduled between Gatwick and Newark. With his great entrepreneurial skills, Sir Richard Branson was focussed on ensuring that Virgin Atlantic succeeded in the market. With a strategic acquisition of great aircraft, the airline was able to fly over 1 million passengers within its first decade of operation. The airline expanded its operations to other routes; flying to New York, Tokyo, Boston, Orlando, and Los Angeles within the first decade of its operations. Virgin Atlantic brought the much-needed competition to the Airline Industry in Britain and the world at large.

In a move which was a test to Branson’ s entrepreneurship decisions, he sold Virgin Records in 1992 to invest in a rather shaky Virgin Airline. This was a great move which saw Virgin Atlantic improving its service delivery. In the same year, Virgin Airlines had introduced the first super economy service in the industry (Virgin Atlantic Airlines 1). The product was later awarded as the best premium economy class. In the nineties, the airline focussed on buying new planes, expanding to new markets, improving passenger service.

In 1999, Branson sold a 49% share of the airline to Singapore Airlines, a move that interjected 1.225 billion sterling pounds into the company (Virgin Atlantic Airlines 1). In the 2000s the airline focussed on designing better product /service bundles for its clients. During this time, the company introduced the upper-class suite, Virgin clubhouses, Upper-Class Wing, purchase of low fuel consuming aircraft and introduction of live performances during flights amongst other features which enabled the company to provide great experiences to its customers; making it one of the major airlines in the world (Virgin Atlantic Airlines 1).

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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