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The paper "Cadbury Schweppes PLC Operations " is a perfect example of a business case study. In the contemporary business world, operations management has become a critical function among many businesses. The dynamic consumer needs have forced companies to integrate operations management with their corporate strategy, in order to achieve growth (Vildler, 2001). To shed light on operations management, this report focuses on Cadbury Schweppes PLC. Cadbury Schweppes PLC is a British confectionery company located in Uxbridge, England. The company manufactures different kinds of chocolate with the main brands being Cadbury dairy milk chocolate and Cadbury Old Gold dark chocolate. Description of the type of processes   According to Smith & Rowlinson (1990), the production of chocolate is based on traditional expertise and other processing methods that are unique and known to Cadbury.

Nonetheless, the techniques have been enhanced over the years with the new production methods leading to newer tastes and preferences. Currently, the production process is highly computerized and sophisticated. The presence of new specialist machinery that produces chocolate of Cadbury’ s own specifications and design is evident.   People responsibilities in the process Chocolate production starts with the production of cocoa beans.

The cocoa beans are harvested upon maturity, graded, and the highest quality beans are transported to the factory. The cocoa beans are then processed to produce a cocoa mass that contains cocoa butter and cocoa beans. As the ingredients move to the next production stage, fresh cream milk is condensed and passed to the next production stage where sugar is then added to the already condensed milk to form a rich creamy chocolate liquid which is condensed to produce a milky chocolate crumb. Chocolate production process flow Start the process by processing cocoa beans Condensation of fresh cream and sugar Cooking the ingredients If not properly cooked If properly cooked Crumbs mixture with cocoa liquor Conching Tempering Molding and wrapping Activities at each stage of the production process The production of chocolate over the years has been an incredible phenomenon.

First, cocoa beans are processed to generate a cocoa mass. This is a complex process, and utmost care is taken, in order to produce a cocoa mass that contains more than 60% cocoa butter.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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