Essays on Orange Company Business Continuity Assignment

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Critical Analysis of Operator Environment and stake holder AnalysisThe Orange Network Organization is a private Company that is owned by France Telecom. It has operation in many places over the world and these include 13 countries in Europe, 17 countries in Africa and 6 countries in the Caribbean. The Company started in 1994 under Hutchinson Telecom in UK and France Telecom bought it in 2000. The company also offers internet services as a major provider and its services were rebranded to Orange from the brand “Wanadoo”. The company has over 180 million subscribers in the world.

In some countries, they franchise the brand to other telecommunication companies and through these channels; they are able to penetrate scores of people over the world. The company has been awarded as the best mobile broadband service provider in the UK among other awards. Most of the business empires that the Orange organization has tried to conquer have been acquired through mergers of complete purchase by the company. This shows that the business has large amounts of money that is usually set aside for expansion and investing in new areas.

They are also equipped in systems that help them adopt to new markets faster amid competition from existing partners. Critical activities and an assessment of maximum tolerable period of disruptionThe critical services that are offered by the Orange organization include mobile phone communication network. The company research shows that there are over 170 million constant customers who communicate using the orange communication network. This shows that if the entire company was to stall for a moment, at least 170 million in the world would be disconnected and this would lead to a very big loss.

It is due to this reason that The Orange Company has put in place systems that ensure that every country and every region has a separate and independent network service so that they can handle mishaps like loss of network and poor frequency. The other critical service that the Orange Company offers is Internet service. In the present times, most of the people are internet savvy and they do their business online. Communication has also gone online and most of the people are communication through emails and instant messages.

Other people use the orange internet service for e-learning and teleconferencing. Other people receive radio frequency through the internet while other people’s businesses are wholly reliant on the internet. This is a very delicate service and a hitch in the internet network could lead to loss of millions by people who are either trading forex online or people who are negotiating business online. It is due to this reason that Orange has divided its internet service provision departments according to certain jurisdictions like countries and metropolitans.

This ensures that problems are solved faster and that all their customers are not affected by a hitch in one part of the world. Orange Time Recovery ObjectivesFor the mobile communications network, Orange sets a recovery time objective of 1 hour. Their systems are set up in a way that they are always sure that they can receive information about low frequency or stalled network either due to jammed network systems or electronic hitches and they can manage to correct the same within the hour. Orange has set up toll free calling lines that are meant for trouble shooting by the customers.

In case an individual customer or a certain region is experiencing communication problems, the subscribers can always call the Orange call centers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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