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The paper "Mayfair Sports Fitness Center Marketing Strategy " is a great example of a business assignment. The following report has been prepared by ‘ new Start up’ consultancy services limited on behalf of Mayfair sports fitness center which is a new venture operating in Mayfair. The venture intends to be offering sports fitness services to sportsmen throughout the region. In addition, the venture will also deal with selling various sports equipment to the market in a bid to boost its profitability. the report presents its initial marketing strategy which will enable it to achieve its marketing objectives as well as its human resources strategy aimed at helping it achieve its overall goals and objectives.

The marketing strategy describes its products offering, the pricing and promotion strategy as well as the distribution strategy it will adopt. The venture intends to adopt a premium pricing strategy for its products and employ a mixture of promotional techniques including events sponsoring as well as media campaigns as part of its promotional strategy. In addition, the report outlines the distribution channels to be used by the firm in marketing its products.

These include the use of distributors, the opening of branches as well as the use of major outlet stores located in various places. The report also describes the human resources strategy that the venture intends to employ in its bid to achieve its objectives. The components of the human resources strategy described include recruitment and selection, employee development, employee relations, employee benefits as well as performance measures to be implemented.   Introduction In order for any organisation to achieve its objectives, it needs to have put in place sound strategies that will give it direction in its bid to achieve its vision and objectives.

Some of the most important strategies that an organisation needs to put in place before it starts operation includes the marketing strategy as well as the human resources strategy (Geoffrey, 2010). eaply.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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