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The paper "Telstra’ s Performance" is a good example of a management case study.   Telstra is a communication company based in Australia. It is one of the leading companies in Australia serving a wide group of customers at varied locations. The company is grouped in the category of mobile service providers where it offers communication and information both to domestic and international clients. Telecommunication is one of the successful industries we have today in the world. Globalization has encouraged sophisticated means of communication; therefore, companies in the telecommunication industry are mandated to offer products and services to quench these raising demands.

Technological advancements as well have raised the levels and means of communication (Lemay, 2012). Telstra enjoys the advantage of being in such a growing industry especially at this time of economic boom. In this connection, this paper aims at analyzing Telstra Corporation limited by looking at its internal and external environments as well as analyzing the company’ s competitive advantage. All this will be done in the effort to establishing an informed choice of what steps the organization should take towards success. Telstra’ s Performance Telstra has been in business since the year 1975.

Like any other firm, the company has had its highs and lows at times. Learning how to manage great successes and the worst failures are what makes an organization a success and mature. Telstra can be considered as a mature company in the telecommunication industry and especially in Australia based on the fact that it has been in the market for over three decades now. One main strategy that has helped the company to maintain its competitive advantage is the ability to transcend the changing customer needs.

Customers are becoming quite sophisticated as days go by. Today, people are more aware of what they need as opposed to previous times where information on products And services was only available from the seller (Vakkayil, 2012). Technology has helped enlighten the world in a tremendous way. Telstra has overcome this menace by ensuring that their standards move with the current trends, therefore, providing value to customers. The federal government has had a large share on Telstra Corporation for a long time. However, the company was privatized on three different levels beginning in the late nineties leaving the government with a ten percent ownership of the company.

By the year 2009, the government decided to separate Telstra into retail and wholesale separate entities. This move did not turn out so well as the majority of clients private information was compromised. This information breach put the firm in a position of questioning in relation to privacy act (Newton et al, 2006). However, the firm was able to act fast enough to cover the errors and restore normalcy to its operations.

As a result, Telstra formed a few strategies to help in bringing back the lost glory. Strategies The company has had many strategies some of which did not have much impact on the growth of the firm. In the year 2010, Telstra embarked on a Market Share Recovery strategy to reclaim its position from the company’ s main competitor Optus. The move paid off where sales increased tremendously by the beginning of 2011. In addition, Telstra established a Customer Service Recovery System to win back the confidence of its clients.

Through this move, the company saw a reduction of customer complaints to a reasonable state (Gurumurthy et al, 2013). These two were the most transparent strategies that the firm engaged in after privatization and separation in 2009.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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