Essays on Organisations that Deal with Disaster Response Services Coursework

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The paper "Organisations that Deal with Disaster Response Services" is a great example of business coursework.   There are various organisations that respond to disasters when they occur. These organisations usually ensure that they are well prepared to deal with different kinds of calamities. These could be fire breakouts, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes among others. The personnel in these organisations are normally equipped with the necessary equipment that can be used to salvage property and also save people’ s lives. It is quite apparent that these organisations use different management approaches. This paper will, therefore, look at three organisations that deal with disaster response.

These are; The Christian Disaster Response (CDR), The International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF) and United Kingdom civil defence force. There will be a further elaboration on how these organisations are classified and management approaches that they can adopt. Classification There are various ways through which organisations can be classified. According to Mullins, there are a variety of factors that can make organisations to be classified together. One of the factors is how the organisations were formed, their structures, activities and even their way of doing things.

(Mullins, 1994) First and foremost the three organisations can be classified into one big cluster- disaster response organisations. This classification can further be broken down into the governmental and non-governmental organisation. Any governmental organisation is an organisation that was initiated and supported by the government. In this case, the organisation is given funds to carry out its day to day activities. The government also controls all the activities that take place within the organisation. These may include recruitment and also the firing of employees. Analysis of the above-named organisations shows that only one falls in this category.

This is the United Kingdom civil defence force. It was started by the U. K government and is also controlled by the same. The other two organisations, that is, the International Relief Friendship Foundation and Christian Disaster Response organisation are classified as non-governmental organisations. These organisations were started by individuals who had visions of helping the community during disasters. Analysis of Mullins article on management reveals that organisations can also be classified according to the area that they cover. This, therefore, brings about two clusters; international and local organisations.

In this case, local disaster response organisations only operate within the nation. On the other hand, an international disaster response organisation will always go beyond its origin nation and even give services to other nations when they have disasters. (Mullins, 2005) Analysis of the three organisations named above shows that only IRFF (International Relief Friendship Foundation) is an international-based organisation. This organisation is known to give support to people who are affected by disasters. This, therefore, means that IRFF organisation is not limited by boundaries when it comes to offering its services to people affected by different kinds of catastrophes. Christian Disaster Response organisation can be classified as a local organisation since it does not offer its services across the borders.

It, therefore, helps people United States citizens who are affected by calamities like floods, hurricanes among others. Analysis of the United Kingdom civil defence force shows that it is locally based. It mainly deals with helping United Kingdom citizen who is affected by various catastrophes. It is therefore classified under a local organisation.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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